Q'ayyim McKoy

Creative Director / Photographer

I'm currently creating and residing in Stone Mountain and Atlanta, GA.  I'm a writer, creative director, producer etc. Here is my portfolio.


Anna Vincent 


Anna is a poet and bookseller living in London. She has leant her poetry to various arty projects, including podcasts and her friends’ short films. She writes to find beauty in the strange and sense in the surreal. She can often be found cooking French food, listening to disco, finding romance in boring things, and spending far too much money on charity-shop clothes. 


Racha Baraka

Music Columnist

"I am Rasha, a French freelance writer and aspiring presenter currently based in London.

I am particularly passionate about BAME representation in the media, and predominantly write on emerging artists and culture. 

In my spare time, I like making playlists for my many incomprehensible moods and making zines for myself." 


Isabella Rendon-Tax


I'm an architecture student born and raised in LA. I try to draw every day whether it be a small doodle, floor plan, or bigger artistic project. I aim to have a global perspective in everything I do; multiculturalism and pop culture are the driving forces in a lot of my work. I am also a music freak and my taste changes probably week-to-week. Here is my portfolio


Mihaela Manic


I'm a management student, living in Italy. My passions go from art history, design, architecture to fields of philosophy and sustainability. Currently, I'm taking part in the newly developing @coronazine -a photographic zine- with my best friend. In my space time, you can catch me doing random embroidery projects or painting, all while listening to random music.


Yagmur Koç

Music Columnist

Yagmur covered music, lifestyle, art, and design for seven months as a writer for Based İstanbul.  She’s the founder of Revizyon Fanzine. She’s also been a guest writer for Psychodrama and Lazar Fanzine.  Yagmur continues to produce in London.