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10 Best Arctic Monkeys B-Sides

10. Electricity: The aptly titled Electricity is a musical powerhouse that lives up to its name, delivering an electrifying surge of energy that never relents. The guitar takes the lead, driving the song forward with relentless momentum. Its dynamism is striking, and while Alex Turner's vocals may not be at their peak here, they add a distinctive element to the track.

This song embodies an unyielding, never-say-die spirit, making it an ideal soundtrack for a spirited run or an opportunity to release pent-up emotions through uninhibited screaming. It's a sonic burst of adrenaline.

9. Sketchead: Do you have a Brainstorm shaped hole in your heart? Well, Sketchead is another song about another all-mighty dude who waltzes into parties and compliments your tits. One of the standout elements in Sketchead is undoubtedly Matt Helder's drumming. His rhythmic prowess infuses the song with a pulsating energy, much like the way Brainstorm does. Helder's drumming style often serves as the backbone of Arctic Monkeys' songs, and in Sketchead, it contributes to the sense of impending excitement, as if a lively scene is about to unfold—a carnival or circus-like spectacle ready to burst to life.

8. Joining The Dots: Joining The Dots carries a hauntingly beautiful quality that feels like the perfect setting for a Miles Kane cameo, evoking strong echoes of The Last Shadow Puppets. It's a testament to the distinct musical chemistry between Alex Turner and Miles Kane, and one can't help but yearn for more collaborations between the two.

7. The Blond-O-Sonic Shimmer Trap is a track that immerses itself in the essence of a sand-strewn desert, bearing a striking resemblance to the allure of Humbug-era Arctic Monkeys. Its ambiance, largely driven by the weighty guitar riffs, conjures an atmosphere of urgency and unease, which serves as the very heart of its allure. In his trademark fashion, Alex Turner eschews the straightforward declaration of love and absolutely avoids uttering "I love you". Instead he says "Well, time tastes bland when she's not around, and you'd sit and you'd sink and approach the brink before she showed you how to shake love's steady hand." What a man.

6. Bigger Boys and Stolen Sweethearts: Another gem off of their discography is Bigger Boys and Stolen Sweethearts, harkening back to a time when Alex Turner wasn't the charismatic dreamboat but a guy singing about how he couldn't quite catch anyone's fancy. That always does the trick for me. The more bitter the more I like it. There's an inexplicable charm in that vulnerability, and this song encapsulates it perfectly. Additionally, much like Evil Twin, it features a fantastic bass line, albeit with a quirkier and more offbeat groove.

5. Stop the World I Wanna Get Off With You: I vividly recall the first time I stumbled upon this track" a song that left me hitting repeat at least ten times in a row. Alex Turner's vocals on this track are nothing short of mesmerizing, and the chosen melody adds an extra layer of oomph to its allure. As one of Arctic Monkeys' B-sides,Stop The World I Wanna Get Off With You exudes a sense of courage and confidence in its composition. The guitar work, reminiscent of their signature sound from Do I Wanna Know, further reinforces its appeal. This track is tailor-made for a nighttime drive, creating an ambiance that's both moody and enigmatic. It's as though the music was crafted for those moments when the road stretches ahead, city lights twinkle in the distance, and unspoken thoughts linger in the air.

Hot tip : This one takes on a different dimension when enjoyed in the company of someone with whom there's an unspoken tension. Its sultry undertones and mysterious atmosphere can transform those moments of intriguing connection into something electric.

4. Too Much To Ask: It's truly remarkable that Alex Turner penned this one when he was barely 20 years old, yet the lyrics bear the mark of a lyrical craftsman beyond his years. This song serves as a testament to Turner's exceptional talent as a wordsmith, a talent that has become inseparable from the Arctic Monkeys' identity. Lines like "Would a kiss be too much to ask? When you fit me as Sunday's frozen pitch" showcase his ability to blend vivid imagery with raw emotion, creating a lyrical landscape that resonates deeply with listeners. His ability to capture the intricacies of human experiences, from the tender moments of yearning to the gritty narratives of modern life, has left an indelible mark on the band's legacy. Each song is a testament to his gift for storytelling through song, and Too Much To Ask remains a cherished example of his early lyrical brilliance.

3. Evil Twin: This track boasts one of Arctic Monkeys' most mesmerizing bass lines, an integral part of what makes it exceptional. A perfect anti-love song, The Stone Age-esque guitars roar to life right from the first second, propelling the song into an entirely different realm of energy that's palpable to anyone who listens. The vocal performance on this track takes on an irresistibly sultry and seductive quality, leaving no room for any other interpretation given the nature of the song. It's an enticing invitation that could make even the staunchest rock 'n' roll skeptics reconsider their stance. In fact, it's almost impossible not to recall Alex Turner's memorable BRIT speech after this song and agree with him. Rock'n'roll will always be waiting around the corner I guess huh.

2. No Buses: No Buses is undeniably an Arctic Monkeys classic, celebrated for its unique and captivating qualities. The song's lo-fi charm and the pervasive fuzziness that blankets the entire track combine seamlessly to create a truly memorable sonic experience. It's a song that manages to be both weighty in its emotional depth and remarkably light as a feather, courtesy of the thoughtfully chosen instrumentation and production. This one is like a ray of sunshine breaking through after a torrential downpour, a moment of respite and warmth that follows the storm. Its cozy, nostalgic atmosphere wraps listeners in a comforting embrace, evoking a sense of wistful reminiscence. No Buses"has earned its place as an absolute classic within fans, a timeless track that continues to touch hearts and transport listeners to a place where melancholy and nostalgia meet in perfect harmony.

1. The Bakery: Oh how I love Alex Turner's sappier song writing and platonic love declarations. This one right here has a unique quality of evoking nostalgia and a sense of innocence. The mention of a bakery and the sweet, pastry-like imagery in the lyrics conjures a warm and comforting atmosphere, setting the stage for the song's narrative. Turner's vocals, in their early, less polished form, add to the song's charm, making it even more endearing and relatable. Thematically, The Bakery indeed shares similarities with Cornerstone, another notable song in the Arctic Monkeys' catalog. Both songs explore the idea of longing and unrequited love, but they do so with a tenderness and sincerity. "And I wish I would have seen you in the bakery / But if I'd seen you in the bakery / You probably wouldn't have seen me." So cute.


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