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2021 Albums to Bring in Fall

Today is officially the first day of Autumn. Happy Fall! To help bring in the cool weather and colorful leaves, here are seven 2021 releases that you might have missed that are perfect for the new season. From Americana to doomgaze to indie rock- we've got something for everyone here:

A Color of the Sky - Lightning Bug

RIYL: Feist, Frankie Rose, Cat Power, Jessica Pratt, Boy Scouts

A Color of the Sky is the New York trio’s third and most atmospheric album to date. The lyrics tackle self discovery through dreamy, reverb-laden guitar and swirling synthesizers, paying homage to mellow shoegaze bands such as Duster and Mazzy Star. Lightning Bug perfectly melds the femme alt-rock sounds of Cat Power and Jessica Pratt with lush instrumentals. It’s the perfect album for your contemplative autumn evening stroll.

Life, and Another - Mega Bog

RIYL: Cate Le Bon, Aldous Harding, Laurie Anderson, Destroyer

Erin Birgy of Mega Bog delivers a fun, slightly jazzy, pop sound on her album Life, and Another. With relaxed vocals and a mixture of light percussion, fluttering keys, and bursts of saxophone, every song flows like a graceful autumn creek into the next. Life, and Another is written with very strong earth themes, so this is the perfect album to kick back and take in the fall flora and fauna.

Quiet Delta - Sam Shaffer

RIYL: Hiss Golden Messenger, Jeff Tweedy

Sam Shaffer’s Quiet Delta delicately melds a mellow alt-rock sound with a folky, americana twang. The Chicago artist utilizes light acoustic guitar, mesmerizing slides, and steady basslines to deliver the perfect EP to pick apples and bake a pie to. You’ll find yourself slow dancing in the kitchen while the sounds of delta life and warming spices fills your lungs.

Vestiges - Poise

RIYL: The Beths, Cloud Nothings, Caroline Rose

New York native Poise brought us the perfect album to cope through a summer heartbreak. With the new season upon us comes new emotions, strengths, and capabilities. That’s exactly the journey Vestiges takes us through. The indie rock album, created out of immense heartbreak and pain, sounds of optimism, courage, and confidence. The track “Nothing You Can Say” sounds like classic NYC indie rock, while “Don’t Worry” oozes Sarah Records twee-pop. It’s a fun listen from start to end.

Celestial Blues - King Woman

RIYL: Emma Ruth Rundle, Chelsea Wolfe, True Widow

Celestial Blues is an immersive experience for the spooky season. The album combines doom metal, slowcore, shoegaze with vocals that range from the smallest of whispers to intense shrieks and cries. It’s moody. It’s dark. It’s the perfect soundtrack for your spooky season or a gloomy autumn day.

Mythopoetics - Half Waif

RIYL: Flock of Dimes, Wild Pink

Nandi Rose of Half Waif has done it again. Mythopoetics is a collection of very personal stories and tender emotions interwoven between simple keyboard chords, crescendoing electronic arrangements, and explosive vocals. The album sounds of true catharsis. Inspired by both the nature of upstate New York and the events that have made Nandi who she is today, the album has something for everyone. It’s a perfect listen for drinking a cup of tea and watching the leaves fall from the trees.

I Know I’m Funny haha - Faye Webster

RIYL: Big Thief, Stella Donnelly, Julia Jacklin

The 23 year-old Atlanta singer has released her fourth and possibly saddest album to date. Although the lyricism is intimate and vulnerable, the dazzling guitar, groovy basslines, and pedal-steel bursts are enough to keep you hooked regardless of your state of mind. Faye Webster has a way of singing that sounds so smooth, natural, and at-ease. At times it sounds folky but other times leans towards R&B or jazz. It’s calming and intimate, a great soundtrack for cozying up on a fall evening.

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