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A Conversation with Dustin Payseur of Beach Fossils on Touring, Nostalgia and "Bunny"

Updated: Jan 11

From their humble beginnings, navigating the challenges of tour life in a van that almost didn't function, to achieving household name status in NYC's alternative music scene, Beach Fossils has carved out a journey defined by authenticity and an unmistakably unique sound. Frontman Dustin Payseur's unapologetic commitment to self-authenticity was evident in our interview, offering insight into the clarity of purpose that has steered Beach Fossils through the evolution of each record.

This sense of purpose and unwavering commitment to artistic integrity are palpable in their latest release, 'Bunny.' The album not only elevates Beach Fossils' distinct sound to new heights but also maintains a remarkable cohesiveness, both within itself and in parallel with their extensive catalog. 'Bunny' is a musical journey that drips with pure emotion and a dreamy soundscape, perfectly complementing Payseur's more direct lyrical approach. An emphatic record, it takes listeners on a nostalgic exploration that looks back without getting stuck in the past.

We had the chance of sitting down with Dustin for an interview, taking a retrospective glance at Beach Fossils' career evolution, delving into his working habits, and exploring all things related to the world of Beach Fossils.

Check out the interview below:

Stream Bunny:


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