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As Seen At: Toronto Pride

Toronto pride was this weekend and the community showed up dressed to the nines for Sunday’s parade. Anything at pride goes, which means that there was a large variety of fashion on display. Here are some of the top trends I saw during the Toronto pride parade.

Rhinestones & glitter

Details: rhinestones, top.

Whether used as a makeup accessory or a full glitz outfit, rhinestones weren’t only for the drag artists this weekend.

Skin, skin and more skin

Details: top, pasties.

While some people were entirely nude walking in the parade, most people opted for minimal clothing in the crowds to combat the heat. Between mesh shirts, pasties and booty shorts, Torontonians came to pride prepared for the heatwave.

Let’s Go Lesbians

Details: top, skirt.

The bubblegum lesbian uniform: muted pinks, greens and blues in babydoll dresses and skirts. As Hayley Kiyoko said with her recent single, Summer’s For the Girls, and people definitely got the memo this pride.

Rave, Meet Pride

Rave clothing has the benefit of being cute, colourful and great in the heat. During pride, anything goes, including rave gear. Pride is filled with celebration and the parade brings the party to the streets.

Fetish Wear

Details: harness, choker, dog mask.

Fetish wear is deep rooted in queer culture, so it is no surprise that dozens of people came decked out in leather, harnesses and dog masks.

Rainbow Realness

And of course, we can’t talk about pride fashion without the rainbow. It was everywhere: on flags, fans, makeup and clothing.

Final Thoughts

Pride is the perfect opportunity to wear that glamorous outfit collecting dust at the back of your closet. Because of the welcoming environment, the pride parade creates a safe space to express and explore one’s identity, through dress or otherwise.


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