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Ashnikko's Electrifying Brooklyn Mirage Show: Unconventional, Unapologetic, Unforgettable

Nestled within the captivating ambiance of the Brooklyn Mirage, Ashnikko's enthralling performance during the Weedkiller Tour was a wild ride. Aptly named Weedkiller, her work defies the constraints of traditional genre labels, weaving together a rich and unpredictable blend of electropop, rap, hip-hop, and more. Her fans, equally vibrant and eclectic, gathered to pay homage in style, setting the scene for a night of revelry that could only be described as beautifully psychotic. In a true celebration of individuality, concertgoers transformed themselves into a captivating array of characters, each a vivid expression of their unique fandom.

Before Ashnikko took the stage, the audience was treated to an exhilarating opening act by Audrey Nuna, a New Jersey native who graciously adopted New York as her "hometown for the night." Nuna, an artist well-versed in the realms of R&B and rap, injected the venue with an undeniable swagger, capturing the attention and enthusiasm of every attendee, whether they were familiar with her work or not. Fresh from the release of her singles Locket and IdgaF Nuna's musical style evokes comparisons to the likes of Tierra Whack. Her performance was characterized by an impressive display of lyrical prowess and exceptional breath control. To be honest, I entered the evening with limited exposure to her catalog, only having heard a snippet on a train ride to Brooklyn. However, her stage presence and the energy she brought to the performance left an indelible mark. By the time I left the venue, I was compelled to add a few of her tracks to my playlist.

As the night progressed, the eager crowd found their patience tested as they awaited Ashnikko's appearance. The only noteworthy blemish of the evening was the somewhat extended wait for the sets to commence. Ashnikko, scheduled to start the concert at 9, didn't make her entrance until 20-25 minutes later. However, the delay, though noticeable, offered an unexpected opportunity for concertgoers to connect with one another. It was a chance to engage with a sea of dedicated fans, each radiating positivity and electric enthusiasm in anticipation of what was to come.

The moment of restlessness gave way to a surge of excitement as the background techno beats gradually faded and the lights dimmed. It was a signal that the wait was over, and the spectacle was about to begin.

With an air of anticipation, Ashnikko, flanked by her dancers, made a striking entrance, launching into the set with the pulsating intensity of You Make Me Sick! The energy never waned, seamlessly transitioning into STUPID, a choreographed performance. It was a visual and auditory feast, complete with astonishing high kicks and contortionist movements that immersed spectators in the theatricality of the show. "STUPID" had been a personal favorite of mine before the event, and seeing it brought to life on stage only reinforced its incredible appeal.

Ashnikko didn't just command the stage with her music; she was a master of crowd interaction. Before launching into her next song, she playfully asked, "Are there any working bitches in the crowd tonight?" The response was an emphatic, resounding roar. As the introduction to a bubblegum pop melody filled the air, Ashnikko's performance took on a more sensual and seductive dimension, culminating in the enthralling rendition of Working Bitch from the Hi, It's Me EP.

Throughout the night, Ashnikko's music explored themes of sexuality and consent, which she addressed in between songs. Tracks like Slumber Party and Super Soaker delved into the former, while the latter theme was encapsulated in Invitation, one of the older tracks featured in her set. During her introduction to Invitation, Ashnikko reflected on her personal growth, noting that she had been learning the importance of saying no. The lyric, "This is not an invitation, I don't need a reason," served as a powerful anthem, reinforcing the significance of setting boundaries and affirming one's agency. In these moments, Ashnikko's performance transcended mere entertainment, becoming a platform for dialogue and empowerment.

Ashnikko is by no means the music industry standard. Even her apocalyptic album concept is hectic and is bizarre to a casual listener. Many tracks have heavy percussion with sharp piercing vocals. Although when composed properly a message can be passed along in a pleasing manner. Preceding her performance of Worms she told the audience to “grab the zipper on the top of their head and unzip the flesh off their bodies”. At that moment I watched a security guard make a face of pure confusion. As off putting as that may sound, she does a fantastic job at appealing to the fans. Giving a rather descriptive story of the environment, the crowd gets to truly be a part of the show.

As the night reached its climax, it was only fitting that it concluded with a bang. The closing act featured the title track Weedkiller and the hit Daisy from the Demidevil album, serving as a thunderous duo to wrap up the evening. The Brooklyn Mirage reverberated with resounding cheers, as these tracks marked a final, exhilarating crescendo, encapsulating the essence of the show's most significant moments.

Weedkiller unleashed a torrent of hostility, sharpness, and unadulterated anger, mirroring the prevailing attitude of the album itself. Amid shotgun sound effects, Ashnikko's vocals declared, "I will be the one to eliminate you." The messages embedded in the album hit with the force of a bullet, and the piercing tones left no room for ambiguity. The raw power of Weedkiller was a perfect embodiment of the night's unapologetic intensity.

In contrast, Daisy provided a somewhat lighter but undeniably compelling note to close the set. It remained a standout hit for the artist, showcasing her profound confidence and unwavering determination. Ashnikko's unique and somewhat twisted persona was on full display, reminding the audience of her captivating and "terrifying" rise to stardom. Bold and unapologetically true to herself, Ashnikko's performance was a testament to her unparalleled artistry, offering a rare and unparalleled experience that few artists could hope to replicate. The aura she brought to the stage was as unique as it was unforgettable, making the night an extraordinary and unrepeatable spectacle.

Be sure to check out the Ashnikko Tour here.



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