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BAND-AID: Between Beach and Forest and Their Folk Rock Vision

When I was growing up, rock was my favorite genre as it prepared me to many more genres to come that I would eventually discover. The gentle, the sentimental and the easy-flowing rock songs were my favorite in my formative years. Bumping into Between Beach and Forest took me back to my childhood and made me reminisce about the times where I spent entire days in my room listening to Arcade Fire and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Criminally underrated, Between Beach and Forest is an up and coming band that will introduce you to your favorite tracks. Their 2022 self titled EP captivates you with their opener track "Feeling Immortal" right off the bat. The folk influence is more prominent than ever with this track. It winks to what is yet to come for the continuity of the EP. The sweet mix of gentle yet sturdy sounds will interest the ones who are fans of bands like The National, Bloc Party and Death Cab for Cutie. It feels so nostalgic yet so up-to-date. Definitely something that you would hear on a 2000s drama show where a big catharsis happens and the main character realizes what he has been doing wrong all along.

You would expect a new-comer band's music to be a little rough around the edges yet Between Beach and Forest showcase their true understanding of instrumentals with the acoustic numbers that they pull and their muffled kicks. Slapping them a title as a "new-comer" isn't fully fair though, as Darrell Bazian has spent the last 2 decades writing and composing music for bands.

If you're on the hunt of a new rock band that you want to discover before anyone else, Between Beach and Forest is your way to go. Tonitruale approved.

Stream their self titled EP here:


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