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BAND-AID: Cadderwall's World of Vulnerable Reflections

Clem Cahill, aka Cadderwall is a 22-year-old multi instrumentalist, songwriter and an indie artist. Currently a senior at Boston University, they have already released three EP's, the most recent one released this year is entitled "fall 2018".

Cadderwall's music follows a bedroom production-style that mixes raw vocals with lively instrumentals. The way that they use instruments immediately makes you think of a cool DIY band that you've seen in a basement concert. It's very DIY and it's fueled by ambition. However, the thing that strikes me more is the lyrics and how she delivers them. It's like reading a poem that you would write on the back of your composition notebook during class. It's deeply personal and very introspective. Their love for poetry and literature can also be observed by their choice of calling their single Lunch Poems, a great poetry book by Frank O'Hara.

Their music doesn't come off as pretentious or self-righteous. Cadderwall isn't trying to build the perfect song by using the perfect melodies and notes. They are trying to get a story across and be as real as possible in the meantime. It's deeply relatable and it's a great portrait of the adolescent haze of anxiety, love sickness and self-questioning.

If you want to take a deeper dive into the world of Cadderwall, make sure to check out her music and her socials.


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