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Band Aid: Emerging Sounds From Chicago

Recently we have been contacted by various Chicago based musicians that we would like to dedicate a post for.

1. Dead Living : Dead Living is a local garage punk band from Chicago. Their sound encapsulates Eddie Vedder-esque vocals and riff oriented progressions. Their latest release, Pale Moonlight EP does a great job of keeping the listeners intrigued within the first few seconds. The opener Never Ending, welcomes us with strong and sturdy tempos. My personal favorite Circus, makes me think the way Sex Pistols constructed their songs. It seems to me that Dead Living is an emotion-led band that can observe their surroundings very well. Despite the difference of the genres, their observing-perspective approach to lyricism makes me think of the early Arctic Monkeys. I can directly imagine a mosh pit with various passionate people, throwing themselves around with their eyes closed. Such a shame we won't be able to do that for quite a bit.

2. The Moses Gun: Chicago trio The Moses Gun mixes some Massive Attack-like downtempo influences with punk elements. As a result, they produce diverse tracks that encapsulates the complexity of producing music. The upbeat drumming and loud and almost distorted guitar riffs really help the band to establish a strong punk footing. Waltz Of the Conflicted Yellowjacket is a big and grandiose track, taking inspirations from metal music, a genre that I was initially very hesitant towards. After listening to this track, maybe it isn't all horrible? My favorite track Lamb, has a very sultry guitar riff that zones you out immediately. Overall, it is certain that they know what they are doing and where they are going.

Gabby Henderson : If you like old soul songs with a contemporary twist, Kelsey Lu or Lianna La Havas you're going to LOVE Gabby Handerson. She has the silkiest, the sweetest voice that takes us back to the the times where we first discovered Amy Winehouse or Nina Simone. She doesn't stick to one musical direction and uses her musical abilities in multiple domains by merging soul with electronic music. Her EP A Year Of Living Dangerously has a very unique sound. Guillotine Waltz has a surprising production method that makes you feel like you're listening to something you've never listened before. Coming of Age feels like the ultimate Christmas song that you listen to while reflecting back on yourself and the years that passed you by. She has a special gift of transmitting emotions with her voice. Definitely check her out.

Spooky Boo: If you like Tash Sultana you're going to like this one. Spooky Boo is a progressive rock band. Each song of theirs could easily be used in an ethereal, forest-themed musical. I love songs with lyrical depth and that is something that Spooky Boo provides. Their latest single "Familiar" for instance, criticizes toxic parts of small town American culture. The agressive guitar really adds up to angry critical effect. Despite the heavy use of instrumentals, their production is very clean and subtle. The multiplicity of the vocals create a very unique listening experience which adds up to the "musical soundtrack" effect.

The Mini Projects: Have you seen all of the Wes Anderson movies and don't want to re-watch them. I have a good alternative. You can simply watch the music video for Introverted, it will keep you cozy. The Mini Projects have a minimal, lo-fi beat driven sound that matches well with their coming-of-age themes. The band consists of siblings Amy, Mikey and Angel. Just like HAIM. Each song that they have could easily be the soundtrack of Scoot Pilgrim vs. the World or Juno. Each track has a very sweet and heartfelt emotion that makes their music very relatable. They pay hommage to their Latino backgrounds with their songs like "Esta Noche" and "Ven Conmingo". Their upbeat indie music definitely keep you interested. Also, can we talk about how good the music video is once again?

Brady Matteson: Brady's music is like being in an instrumental trance. The song "3:47 " has something so sinister and dark about it however you can't stop listening to it. Once you press play you do listen to each track until the last second. "Nosedive" reminds me of a mixture between Apex Twin and Them Yorke. He has really well produced tracks that show his talent and diversity as a musician. His digital album Thought Journal was recorded through his laptop using effects pedals, loops, field recordings, drone synths, and MIDI samples. His music will definitely be a new favorite of yours if you like experimental noise-y electro beats.

Cover picture is taken from Time Out


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