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BAND-AID: Falling In Love Forever with Lisha

Theres no better feeling than discovering your new favorite artist, and we can promise you that feeling with Lisha. After previous enchanting singles “Bababa”, Lisha – Julie Boda’s artistic pseudonym – further explores different genres paired with romantic lyrics with “Forever”. She takes the listeners on a journey through her unique soundscape – at times ethereal vocals and instrumentation blend seamlessly into trip hop and R&B beats. The lyrics describe being so in love that you emotionally surrender yourself, putting your “life and happiness in the hands of someone else”.

The Copenhagen-based artist creates an entirely unique sound that pulls you in completely. Lisha has so far only released two songs, but they are definitely enough to make her an artist to watch. Her debut album ‘Devotion’ is going to be released later this year, and we can’t wait.

Listen to Forever here:


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