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Band Aid: Jacob E.chord / Anyone Wants To Go Down The Rabbit Hole Like Alice Did?

Jacob E.chord is a carpenter by day and a crazy psychedelia sound maker by night He creates an otherworldly listening experience with his distant vocals and Pink Floyd-esque sweet instrumentals. His music has a very nostalgic yet futuristic aspect that merges flowy bass-lines with steady progression. His groovy tunes makes me think of Alice in Wonderland which is obviously his inspiration as he explained his music as "a middle-aged rabbit seeing his reflection in a still pond on the verge of acquiring self-consciousness surrounded by otherworldly noises encased in a dollar bin vinyl record sleeve with an erector set ad on it accidentally dropped in bong water."

"As a mostly introverted being, I enjoy letting my imagination run wild and chasing the dragon of inspiration, which often requires no running whatsoever, but rather tranquil walks in and around somewhat scenic sections of the city. " he says. It's evident that he let his imagination loose and create something very cohesive and story-like. You can almost imagine yourself in a forest doing shrooms when you listen Jacob E.chord. His music keeps you awake and activate your senses, making you feel excited to hear how the songs are going to progress and surprise you. In the mail that he sent us, he said that he has a specific response he'd like to give to Conan O'Brien if he asked him the meaning behind his music. I know it's not the same thing but let ME ask the question and let's hear his response.

Janset: What is the meaning behind your music Jacob?

Jacob: “I make art to find out who I am and to recreate some of the beauty I get to see from my little spot of the universe, man.”

And I would say it all cool-like, like a mixture of The Dude and Tyler Durden, he adds.


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