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BAND-AID: Meet Bagatelle, the Band that is Reinventing the Roubaix Music Scene

Bagatelle is a French independent pop band that is trying to shape and reinvent the current music scene in Roubaix. Where the hell is Roubaix? You might ask. Well, it's in the North of France and it's very close to Lille. The city has a reputation of being very calm and unexciting however Bagatelle seems determined to show a side that hasn't been shown yet. Their latest single Si tu vis dans un labyrinthe starts with a punchy and sturdy beat that keeps you intrigued due to the continuous loopy bass. They are signed to La Nageuse records, a label that encompasses the virtues of Sarah Records (a label that we love over here at Tonitruale!) La Nageuse and Bagatelle work together to prove that anyone can make music and creativity shouldn't be mystified and attributed to a specific group of people who has been studying music ever since they were five years old. Anyone can pick up a guitar and tell stories and that's exactly what they are doing

Another thing that makes Bagatelle super unique is the members. Every single member is a family father with kids. Seeing them in the music business is very refreshing as the electronic French music scene is mainly gate kept to appeal 20-something bohemian Parisian hipsters. It's a group dynamic that we don't often come across and it makes the music way more interesting when you know the background.

Their previous album "Rendez-vous Transatlantic" was a love letter to life and the beauty of the ordinary. The Sarah influence was very prominent and it was more on the soft and easy-listening side. However, with Si tu vis dans un labyrinthe, the new single that they have released from their upcoming album, they are incorporating a more poppy and collaborative approach within their music. They pass the microphone to their loved ones and create beautiful memories which is the unforgotten value of making music. If you have a French electronic shaped hole in your heart, check out Bagatelle and their new single.


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