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Band Aid: My Life As a Dog Releases "Borders"

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Intimate, eclectic, and a terrific melodist, Ryan Hanifin, aka My Life As a Dog writes grounded lyrics for our distant loves. Each song in his debut album, "Borders," features different instrumentation; creating a rounded library of sounds that conjure a Ziggy Stardust style saga of introspection and cosmic exploration. In his press release, Hanifin writes "'Boundaries are a recurring theme throughout the album. Whether geographical borders or

emotional separations,I wanted to articulate what it feels like to pursue the unfamiliar in new

places and relationships." I personally think that his mission was a success, bringing every flavor of musical texture to the table and exploring it from a consistent yet fresh lyrical lens.

Photo courtesy of Ryan Hanifin

Even though every song on Borders is a treasure, I highly recommend Science Fiction for its golden synths, choral textures, modal harmonies, 80s drum kit, captivating lyrics ("I'm in love with the way her eyes sceance my mind" is my new cue to cry), and small bursts of sour-then-sweet electric guitar commentary that you notice more and more with each listen. It's a playlist essential for fans of love songs, vintage instruments, and sparse musical grooves.

In addition to writing a great album, My Life as a Dog has pledged to donate a portion of the revenue from bandcamp downloads to the Dementia Society of America, so in addition to streaming on Spotify I would highly recommend supporting the cause on bandcamp.

Listen to Borders on Spotify, Soundcloud, or Bandcamp.


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