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Band Aid: Still Image and Their Latest Single "Paint"

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Still Image is a Chicago-based rock band born in quarantine by Northwestern University students Megan Hazlett and Xavier-Villar Brasser, who is also a contributing writer on our team. Their latest single, Paint, was released earlier this week. The track is a notable addition to their current discography, and absolutely worth a listen. I asked Megan and Xavier to tell me a bit more about Paint and here is what they had to say—

Xavier: [Paint] is the first single off an upcoming EP, and for me writing it was just kind of an attempt to do something when everything feels either super stressful or completely stagnant.

Megan: Paint is about feeling overwhelmed. These days, there is so much out of our control. You can feel like a clown trying to be heard, be acknowledged, and do the right thing.

Check out Paint and the rest of Still Image's discography here.


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