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Band Aid: the amazingness that is Giant Cats!

Giant Cats is an artist who specializes in jazz and surf music as well as earrings. They have amazing instrumentals that are a fusion of punk and pop. Based in Southern California, and they have already put out four singles. The singles, all of them being well produced and original, “Lights in the Fauna”, “Sidecar Love”, “Starling”, and “So Far Away”.

“So Far Away” is their most recent single and it's a delight. It’s upbeat yet melancholy and absolutely groovy. If you want to dance to something bittersweet, this is your song. If you want to remember an event that you aren’t sure how to feel about, this is your song. As a whole, “So Far Away” is a banger and we eagerly anticipate what they will put out next.

Give them a listen before they blow up, you’ll be glad you did.


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