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Band Aid: What's new with Chicago band What To Do

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

What To Do is a Chicagoland-based project that might be classified as art-rock, but is better thought of as genre-less, or perhaps genre-defying. Their latest record My Very Own Real Life Porno, released just last month, features a tracklist that can be distinguished by its ability to listen as a cohesive album despite each track being wildly different from the next.

The band, made of lead guitarist and singer/songwriter, Jesse Tijerina, bassist Ben Van Pelt, and backing vocalist and guitarist Sam Nelms, describes themselves as a “noisy, art-rock threesome from the sprawl of Chicago, Illinois.” In regard to their new record, here’s what they had to say—

'My Very Own Real Life Porno is a genre-hopping satire of the horny, sad, angry, confused, and bored experience of suburbia, in a heat of passion described as "clusterfunk." We want to bring a splash of hot fuschia sexuality to the mundanity of your daily life.'

My Very Own Real Life Porno is chaotic and fiery, distinguishing itself from the norms of Chicago DIY. What To Do is certainly a band to keep up with. They also want to add—

“If you know of any drummers, please e-mail immediately. Please. Thank you.”

Listen to My Very Own Real Life Porno on Spotify or Bandcamp.


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