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Band Aid : Wild Love and Their Heart-Felt Outburst Of Emotion

Wild Love seems to adopt "your next favorite band" as their motto. After listening to their music I can agree that it is a strong probability. Even within the first 10 seconds, you immediately understand how much these guys have poured their energy and effort into this project.

The founding members first met at a high school bus stop in the DC area after immigrating with their families from all over the world (Ireland, Turkey, Germany) It makes me think about our own team who are contributing to Tonitruale from all over the world. Their sound design and song construction makes it seem like they have been in the game for over 10 years. They are terrifyingly professional and their sound is very well established for an up-and-coming band. However this doesn't surprise me considering that they have toured through the US, UK and Ireland throughout high school, and moved to Nashville after graduation.

The shouty vocals are never tiring or too-much. They complete the Wild Love sound and create a cathartic outburst of emotion and hidden sentiments. The well-thought layering of each sound leaves no second dull and helps the tracks to have a cohesive finish.

The lines "I felt nude in front of you, wouldn't be the first time too" perfectly captures what it means to be so close yet too distant from someone. We have all had moments where we could touch someone within a reach but felt as if mentally they were miles away.

Whereas "I've never seen someone move like you before /They way you bite your lips /And that flow in your hips / I want to take you home for more" reflects the more fun and wild aspect of being young, having fun and knowing that you have endless possibilities and scenarios that can happen differently in one night.

Everything can seem very vague and depressing lately but listening to Wild Love will have you dancing in your kitchen while thinking about the memories that you once shared with your loved ones.

I'll leave my favorite song of theirs here:


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