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Barbie Goes High Fashion with Balmain

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This week the world of fashion got exciting news: Balmain and Barbie are collaborating to create exclusive NFTs, a ready-to-wear collection and accessories.

The three NFTs are being auctioned off Tuesday, January 11th (that’s today!!) on the Mattel Creations website. Each NFT features Barbie and Ken dolls wearing pieces from the ready-wear-collection. The highest bidder will receive not only the purchased NFT, but also a Barbie-sized version of the dolls Balmain outfit.

A look at the three NFTs (source: Mattel Creations Instagram)

Mattel is no stranger to high-fashion collaborations, just last October they released a limited-edition Gucci Hot Wheels collectible car which sold out in minutes. This collaboration, however, marks Barbie’s exciting first launch into the digital art sphere, and with its success we can assume there is more to come.

Image source: Balmain's Instagram

The ready-to-wear collection of 50 unique pieces is coated in Pepto Bismol pink, remaining completely on brand for Barbie, while being elevated to the luxury standard. Not to mention, its focus on a shift in high fashion towards inclusivity, with the majority of the collection being unisex and being modelled by a diverse group of individuals (and dolls).

Run, don’t walk, to Balmain’s website, store or Mattel Creations website this Thursday January 13th to access this exclusive ready-to-wear collection.


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