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Beetlejuice, but Make It Fashion

Some of my favourite things include fashion, horror and collectibles, and this last Friday the 13th, all three of these worlds collided with the release of this year’s Monster High Skullector dolls, with the spook-tacular theme of Beetlejuice.

In 2020 Monster High released the first of their high-end collectors’ dolls, Pennywise (IT) and the Grady Twins (The Shining), shortly before Halloween as the start of their Skullector collection. And now they’re back with another twist on horror icons, this time from the horror-comedy Beetlejuice. Let’s take a closer look at this year's dolls.

Designed by Rebecca Shipman, this set of two were made for horror fans and doll collectors around the world. Priced at $90USD, this release came equipped with Beetlejuice (as a woman) and Lydia, as well as a few accessories from the film, such as Lydia’s camera and a miniature Handbook for the Recently Deceased.

The gender bent Beetlejuice doll is a more stylized, modern version of the character, including the classic striped suit altered to be more fitted and including a textured belt to cinch the waist, exaggerated green hair and even purple Beetlejuice inspired makeup. Shipman certainly had an eye for detail in this design, completing Beetlejuice’s look with green moss-like contour and the film's very own sandworm as earrings. Not to mention, her hard to miss carousel hat, strikingly similar to that in the film, with bat embellishments and stripes to match.

The second doll, Lydia, is a more accurate recreation of the film's character, equipped with a wide brimmed hat, her camera, dark red eyeshadow, and of course, her signature bangs. Her dress, however, comes slightly different with a modern, shiny, swirly pattern. A detail to not be missed on this doll is her fishnet stockings, which look extra cute in their miniature, doll form! This is definitely my favourite of the two dolls, but my absolute favourite part of the set is the shoes.

The heels of both pairs feature direct references to the film, Lydia’s being Beetlejuice as the snake, while the Beetlejuice doll showcases Adam and Barbara Maitland, two of the film's characters.

As a collector that likes to keep her items in mint condition, I'll be keeping these dolls in the box. Lucky for me, the box is designed for in the box collectors with a Beetlejuice graveyard backdrop.

These high-end horror dolls are sure to have many fans around the globe screaming, especially due to the fact that they sold out within 7 minutes. And although they are sold out, they will remain a historic piece of Monster High’s legacy, continuing to push spooky fashion into mainstream culture with both low- and high-end dolls for a variety of age groups.

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Sascha Goldstein
Sascha Goldstein
24 ago 2021

really well written!!

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