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Already back with the second music video from their upcoming album, No Summertime, Blanky is making waves in the Midwest DIY music scene! The culmination of disparaging post-breakup feels in “Freedom” criticize what that word actually means. Most recently it is something we post about, are criticized for wanting and get arrested for demanding but in this context it’s an unwanted burden, a blanket of loneliness being pulled up over our eyes and blocking out the sun. Here, freedom means longing and emptiness, something to be feared and fought against. The video’s dizzying black and white checkered floor perfectly suits the disorienting feelings in this track. Brilliantly filmed in stop-motion, we watch clay characters smoking cigarettes and melting in a heat of our own making. About half way through, as if out of an old episode of Scooby Doo, we see stylized individual portraits of the bandmates with mouths cut out and their actual lips mouthing along to the song. Eventually we see the main character’s face as he begins to cry, but soon his eyes fall off his face alongside them as we see his eyebrows slither away and mouth drop to the ground, as if to say this newfound freedom stole his identity to such a degree he’s unrecognizable, even to himself. The video ends with the man on fire as we slowly watch his skin melt and drip down his shirt buttons. Based in Lawrence, Kansas, Blanky’s newest music video offers a very promising hint at what is about to come with next album, being released October 9th via Manor Records! You may follow them on Spotify HERE and Instagram HERE


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