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Blaue Blume Releases Crush, An Optimistic Ode to Girlfriends and Boyfriends

Blaue Blume is a Copenhagen three-piece making waves in the Denmark music scene. The band has led many lives as it seems. Having previously experimented with more ethereal leaning sounds in their album Bell of Wood, they are now entering into a new territory of sounds which are lighter and groovier. The melancholic haze of Bells of Wood leaves its place to upbeat riffs and hopeful imaginary through their recent single “Crush”. The song is the second single off their upcoming EP, following “Country” released last September.

“’Crush’ is pretty much about getting your relationship to sparkle again when you both get stuck in all the practical stuff and everyday life. The song is about dancing and making out again with the one you went out of your way to get, reminding yourself that you really shouldn’t take love for granted. ‘Crush’ is a tribute to girlfriends and boyfriends,” lead singer, Jonas Schmidt, explains. In a way it makes me think of the song “The Dress” by Dijon. There, he expressed a similar need saying “We should go out and dance like we used to dance, we should go out and hold hands like lovers hold hands.”

Due to its nature, the song carries a very nostalgic allure. We have all been there, trying to re spark a flame that doesn’t burn as bright. The drumming and the emotion-filled vocals are especially reminiscent of 00s TV show soundtracks. I can definitely hear this song blasting in the background of a “we are falling in love again” montage in One Tree Hill.

The vocals are remarkable as the lead singer Jonas tends to switch from a talking-like laid-back style of singing to a high pitched, emotion driven style quite effortlessly. The instrumental work also deserves a round of applause as it’s the rhythms and their sturdy-going that gives the songs a brighter and more optimistic character. Crush could have fallen flat if the lyrics were singed over a heartbreaking and mellow sound. What makes it impactful is the jangly guitars and the high pace of the drums that mimic a heart that is beating fast due to the hope of -possibly- rekindling something that is worthy of saving.

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