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Brad Stank's Latest Release 'I Belong To You' Is a Celebration of Love

Brad Stank's music is akin to the warmth of mulled wine, casting a sultry, sentimental, and profoundly affectionate spell upon its listeners. This enchanting artist seamlessly melds Eastern philosophies with the intricacies of human sensuality, fusing modern hip-hop attitude with the timeless essence of old soul music, offering us a gateway to explore the profound mysteries of our shared human experience. In a world that often races and clamors, the melodies of Brad Stank provide a soothing balm, inviting us to slow our pace, listen attentively, and truly experience the magic of life, teaching us the value of remaining tender.

On the first day of November, Brad Stank released I Belong To You, a musical love letter that celebrates the profound connection between love and vulnerability. This track, characterized by Brad's signature, slightly inebriated-sounding vocals and deep-seated sentimentality, immerses us in the depths of romance. I Belong To You harmoniously complements the earlier singles from his forthcoming EP, In The Midst of You, gradually building the framework of his romantic vision.

I Belong to You is cloaked in silk, dripping with emotional resonance, boldly confessing love while fully embracing its sentimentality. The presence of jazzy drums and meticulously crafted vocal harmonies elevates the track to an entirely new level of artistry. Though the lyrics predominantly consist of the repetitive refrain "I Belong to You," they become a powerful and distinctive statement, thanks to the melodies and instrumentals carefully selected to accompany them.

Brad Stank's I Belong To You is a testament to the artist's ability to conjure an all-encompassing atmosphere, where emotion flows freely, and love reigns supreme.

Brad Stank Tour Dates:

Fri 26 Jan - Rough Trade East, In Store Sun 28 Jan - Pie & Vinyl, Portsmouth Mon 29 Jan - Jumbo Records, Leeds Tue 30 Jan - Jacaranda, Liverpool Fri 2 Feb - Banquet Records, Kingston


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