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Brainheart Continues to Bridge Heart and Mind with the Release of “Close To You”

Roi Zohar, the man known as Brainheart, takes a deep dive into the afflictions of moving on from a past relationship with his latest single “Close To You”. After his debut track “Explore the World” was embraced with tremendous support, the up and coming music producer, songwriter, and DJ, continues to delve into the more emotional side of electronic music.

Brainheart’s elegant composition and outstanding production is only amplified by the transcendental, stunning vocals from featured artist Anica. The two deliver a sound that perfectly conveys "calm before the storm". The emotion in a generally upbeat genre emulates a feeling similar to Porter Robinson. While providing an atmosphere that can qualify dance music, the undertones explore hardships that allow listeners to connect on a personal level. The second verse really speaks to the struggles of moving on:

“Don't wanna feel the blame,

With someone new,

Lay my cards down and go,

When they don't come close to you”

Navigating this fog of love and distress, we descend into a beautiful instrumental drop. Brainheart’s vocals are layered over a powerful drum and synth, forming a tension that builds upon the complexities explored in the previous verses. As the track reaches its conclusion, we are left once again questioning our worth and willingness to move on from a prior comfort. If we always compare our past (relationships) to future possibilities, will we just stay stagnant in personal progress?

Most of the singles released by Brainheart have been accompanied with an acoustic track. “Close To You” was no exception and the stripped sound only strengthened the story. A simple progression using whimsical piano chords and nearly bare vocals, give an almost floating feeling to the listener.

Whether you are a long time electronic music listener, or just looking for something new for your playlist, Brainheart’s entire discography is worth checking out. “Close To You” is another gem in a rapidly expanding portfolio. Storytelling is such an important part of music and Brainheart’s passion to do so is reflected in every production!

Check out Brainheart's full discography here:


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