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Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Late sixties/early seventies fashion is an absolute dream. The conservative style of the earlier sixties was thrown away and replaced by babydoll dresses, hot pantz, crop tops, bold colors, and chunky boots. How freeing that must have felt! Take a look at these pix and say to yourself “goals”, “mood”, and what not as we explore this era of fashion history.


Above we have some style icons of the time: Diana Ross, Elton John, and Cher (of course). The glitz & glamour, the warm colors, and the literally “groovy” shaped clothing is 2 die 4.

These beautifully colored dresses have these women appearing to be flowers in a meadow. There’s something dreamy about this time period, like it’s an alternate universe. This photo, in particular, is reminiscent of the notorious Manson family girls of the 1960’s counterculture, who were so out of touch with reality that they ended up committing terrible crimes. Eerie and saturated as it should be.

The puffy, powder pink collared shirt is perfectly contrasted by the straightedge black dress. And would you just look at the hair? The scarf? The pearls? Not to mention the matching wild print two piece set. Imagine if these outfits were the norm. Going outside everyday and seeing this impeccable style everywhere you turn. WOW.

These babes look like Easter eggs, and I’m jealous. The way every piece of clothing seems to flare out in this era somewhat reflects the public’s changing attitudes. The clothes look playful and bright, like the new style had more room for self expression and fun.

Baby. Doll. Dresses. The short skirts paired with high, flattering neck lines and relaxed fit are absolutely adorable (especially paired with strappy heels). You look all fancy yet you’re still comfortable. Innocent yet HAWT. These dresses most certainly deserve a re-run.

HOT, HOT, HOT! This takes big pants little shirt to a whole new level. The beautiful, voluminous hair paired with the tiny crop tops & flowy pants bring forth a divine feminine energy. Everybody better be pinning this to their hecking look books and taking notes.

All these clothes look like candy. Don’t you wanna dress like candy? I know I do. Not only would it be a delight to wear such saturated clothing yourself, but being surrounded by people wearing this much color would put you in the best mood every damn day.

Flowers & all things natural were paid such homage in the late 60s/early 70s. It’s all about nature, drugs, peace, love, and rock n roll. “Make love, not war” and all that jazz. Which is so true. Personally, if I got drafted for a war, I just wouldn’t go. I can only hope my own fashion choices give off the same energy as the outfits pictured above do.

This bae is blending classic and funky fresh styles together, and no one is mad. One could tell people still cared about presenting themselves nicely and elegantly, but one could also notice that self expression and individuality had become more of a priority compared to the 1950s.

What you’re wearing speaks volumes about you. They way these men are dressed, you already know they have good music taste. Isn’t that what fashion is all about anyway?


The late 60s/early 70s was a time of rebellion and self-expression. People were standing up for their rights, playing the best music, ditching the rules of the past, and emphasizing the importance of love. Whether it’s 70s nostalgia, 90s nostalgia, or whenever-nostalgia, living in the past is not living at all. So while we can appreciate this era and all its art, it’s important to also remain present. Instead of reminiscing over 1969, let’s just thrift some chunky boots and call it a day. Yay!


Beautiful cover illustration by: Emine İnci Şahin


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