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BAND-AID: Carter Brady is A Rockstar in the Making

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Do you remember when Alex Turner wasn't yet a rock god? Long before he was embellishing the dreams of teenage girls and bathing in a newly-acquired confidence, he had the charm of a teenage boy who was quiet and awkward. Now, I don't know if Carter is a quiet and awkward teenage boy but I can definitely say that he has the same charm which is mesmerizing. His new single can be compared to "Teddy Picker" quite well. While Alex Turner was trying to mock fame, Carter is showing us his multiple personas, only to be left alone at the end of the music video.

His new single "Starlight" is a direct representation of his admiration for Rock'n'Roll and classic artists who have paved the way. He adds a feel-good pop punch into the mix of guitar riffs and heavy instruments. The result is a unique mélange of indie rock that keeps your feet moving. The lyrics are catchy as hell and are guaranteed to occupy your mind while you're trying to work.

His ease with instrument is one of the most, if not, the most impressive part about his music. We see him singing, playing guitar, keys and drums. A real multi-instrumentalist, Carter Brady has proven himself worthy enough to be your next bedroom rock star.


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