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Category Is: A Crafty Valentine's

Valentine’s Day, one of the most aesthetically pleasing holidays there is, has finally arrived. This is the one time of the year that red and pink work together, rather than looking like a hot mess. It is also one of the only times where celebrating early is not frowned upon. Even before February came, I went to the dollar store and gathered supplies to create some extravagant Valentines looks. Whether you have a valentine or not, I am here to give you some inspiration on a budget for your special night in.

I Heart Pink

Details: jacket (vintage), tights, beret, heels (similar), felt hearts (Dollarama).

First up, an edgy, subtle valentines’ outfit that absolutely screams pink. This would be such a fun outfit to wear on a post-COVID night out to show your holiday spirit while looking cool and staying warm. For just $2.50 I got a pack of felt pink and red hearts at Dollarama, which I decided to secure to a belt, allowing for easy removal after Valentine's Day. This outfit is not exclusive to the month of February, with a replacement of the belt this look can easily be worn year-round. The oversized leather jacket is a wardrobe staple and can easily be found in any shop- I personally stole it from my mum.

Scarlet Dream

Details: gloves, teddy (purchased from Depop), skirt (similar), shorts (similar), shoes (similar), flowers (Dollarama).

Roses are red, violets are blue, fake flowers, meet glue! This outfit brings together an unlikely match, you guessed it – fake flowers and hot glue. While the first look was for pink lovers, this one goes out to the masses, because everyone looks good in red, that is a fact. With this sheer skirt from the Walmart Halloween section, rhinestone hot shorts (courtesy of hours of mind numbingly bedazzling a pair of Aerie underwear) and red thrifted teddy, you are sure to feel downright sexy. Valentine’s day is not always about dressing up, dressing down is just effective.

The Sweetheart

Details: dress (Depop), shorts (similar), heels (similar).

Finally, probably the simplest, most straightforward outfit of all, really screaming ‘I am a Valentine’s Day look’. All it took was one heart shaped tinsel decor item from Dollarama and a thrifted little black dress. To get the heart to sit just right I pinned it to the front of the dress, making for easy removal after Valentine’s Day. This is a festive outfit to really show your heart on your sleeve...well, your chest. I imagine this outfit being worn at a party, standing right beside the snack table crunching on cinnamon hearts.

Valentine’s Day is one of my favourite holidays- I am obsessed with the aesthetic and I am also guilty of stocking up on cinnamon hearts each year. Whether you want something extravagant or simple, you can rework any garment with dollar store craft items. For pieces I did not want to permanently damage, I simply pinned the items to it rather than gluing/sewing. Either way, this was a fun and super easy project to dress up my wardrobe. Some people dress up their homes for the holiday’s, but I dress up myself, and I invite you to do the same. To see the finished looks with makeup, check out @Alissagroceries over the upcoming week!


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