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CONSPIRACY THEORY: Jon Benet Ramsay is Katy Perry

On December 25th of 1996, child beauty queen JonBenet Ramsay was found dead in the basement of her family’s home. There were many strange things about the case; such as the lengthy ransom note that was found, seemingly to contradict the appearance of her corpse. Suspects included a neighbor, a former housekeeper, and members of her own family. Though a man eventually confessed, his confession was found to be false, and the real killer was never found.

Katheryne Elizabeth Hudson is a singer. She too was introduced to performing at an early age, singing songs for her church and pursuing gospel music as a teen. She would put out an unsuccessful album under her name Katy Hudson, and then move to LA to pursue secular music. It was there that she would find success with her second album, “One of the Boys”, this time under the stage name Katy Perry. Besides the exposure to performing at an early age, there doesn’t seem to be much of a connection to the ill fated JonBenet. However, conspiracy theorists claim that there is a hidden connection: JonBenet was never killed and started going under the name Katheryne Elizabeth Hudson.

The first clue is simple, Katy Perry looks a bit like JonBenet. They have a simpler facial structure, eyes, and eyebrows. However the more important clue is that they also have similar parents. This is, of course, because they have the same parents. John and Patsy Ramsay are the same as Mark

Hudson and Mary Perry. This of course would mean that JonBenet Ramsay’s death was faked, and not merely faked but part of an illuminati cover up. It seems to lead back to the age old theory that all celebrities are simply pawns in a bigger scheme to brainwash humanity.

While the theory seems ridiculous, it must be admitted that if JonBenet had lived, her adult career may have looked a lot like Katy’s. With her natural aptitude for the stage and her experience with performing, she too may have gone on to pursue singing. The Illuminati aside though, there is really no reason for her to fake her death. With a successful career in pageantry, if fame is what her parents wanted for her, she already had a good foundation to build off of.

This of course, is not the only flaw with the theory, the biggest of these being that there is an age gap of six years between the two girls. While a six year age gap may be easily explainable between adults, making a six year old suddenly appear to be twelve is a bit of a feat. Besides that, there are plenty of pictures of Katy Perry as a child that resemble her much more than JonBenet. That being said, the biggest flaw of all is the fact that JonBenet’s parents never went missing along with her. If one of the biggest parts of the theory is that John and Patsy were secretly Mark and Mary, it miserably fails.

Rather than enjoying a new life with their undercover daughter, the lives of the Ramsays were made miserable by accusations and endless investigations of their household. After all, it seemed likely to the public that any one of them could have killed the six year old girl. In the end, they were indicted on the grounds of “child abuse” in 1999. Even if their disappearance wasn’t necessary to the case, it seems unlikely that they would willingly put themselves through the aftermath, especially as their nine year old son was not immune to the wild accusations.

In the end, it is an entertaining though unlikely theory. It is almost comforting to imagine that JonBenet didn’t actually meet the cruel and untimely end that she did. However, trying to theorize and throw around claims of faked deaths borders on disrespectful to her family, as they still suffer the trauma of her death and the aftermath of it.


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