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Disq's Sophomore Album, "Desperately Imagining Somewhere Quiet," Is A Thrill Ride of Autumn Vibes

Autumn is upon us, days growing shorter and a chill in the air. But October’s on the horizon, and so is Disq’s sophomore album, Desperately Imagining Somewhere Quiet. With its familiar-yet-fresh alternative sound and impressive range, the collection is an excellent companion for keeping vibes high on cooler nights.

The Wisconsin-based band’s debut was released in March of 2020, an unfortunate time that would’ve stopped most newcomers in their tracks–but Disq has powered through, and that truly shines in Desperately Imagining Someplace Quiet. Even within its three available singles, we can bear witness to Disq’s full sonic capacity, a thrill ride sampling from all soundscapes and subgenres.

“Cujo Kiddies,” the album’s lead single, brings Raina Bock to the front, with her vocals and songwriting skill on display. It’s an almost uncanny piece–the instrumental has Disq’s alternative edge in its electric guitar and grounding bassline, but that’s up against this twinkling, piano-heavy instrumental that at one point dips into a mesmerizing, old-school synth-heavy electronic drop. All the while, Bock sings on in a soft, almost understated voice, about sober futures and visions of healing.

“I wrote the first half of ‘Cujo’ from deep inside the hole of substance abuse and loneliness,” Bock said about the track. “The song was meant to function as a blueprint for how I wished my reality could look. Six months later, sitting in an ocean of boxes all packed up for what would be my fourth time moving that year, I wrote the second half.”

Aside from “Cujo Kiddies,” Disq’s other pre-album singles showcase more of their talent. “(With Respect To) Loyal Serfs” carries a more conventional alternative sound, in your face and electric and sometimes threatening to consume itself. The track’s writer and lead vocalist, Shannon Connor, is almost fighting with the electric guitar, and it creates this excellent indie alt sound that harkens back to a lineage of 90s and classic rock.

The third single, “If Only,” is a sort of softer, bittersweet, yearning rock, with Isaac DeBroux Slone as the lead vocalist. It’s an exciting effect, the rotating roles and genres–you never know who or what you’ll be hearing from, and that adds to the fun.

While won’t spill the beans on the rest of the album, we’ve been gifted a sneak peek, and we’ll say this much: it’s pretty great. Again, the perfect collection for the chilly autumn days bearing down on us, with tracks for reflective afternoons and nighttime revelry alike. There’s artistry, but there’s also play. It’s a labour of love.

And if you’re hoping to enjoy Disq’s music live, you’re in luck–they’ve been on tour since August, and have some upcoming shows in store throughout the fall. Grab your tickets here–and while you’re at it, maybe check out Disq’s merch.

Desperately Imagining Somewhere Quiet releases on October 7th. Mark your calendars.


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