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fanclubwallet's "You Have Got to Be Kidding Me" Is a Celebration of Adolescence

Hannah Judge's fanclubwallet isn't necessarily glamorous. It's not a huge party but a low-key get together. It's not a day filled with endless socialization but an introspective day spent at the gas station. It's not formulaic but rough around the edges and bursting with life and that's exactly what makes fanclubwallet so interesting to listen to.

Ottawa-based Hannah Judge is telling stories about the Wild West that are the teenage years. Her new album You Have Got to Be Kidding Me is filled with relatable anecdotes, angst and familiarity. The overall lo-fi construction of the album and the muffled vocals gives Hannah Judge a bedroom star charm. Each song is like a fragment of teenagehood, portraying different scenes.

The album starts with the opener Solid Ground. "Sometimes you miss sleeping next to them even if you don't miss them anymore" Hannah reveals. As the album progresses, so does different feelings. "Woke up in somebody else's clothes, if I interview in them, will I get the position they are up for?" she asks. Jean-Luc Goddard has portrayed a woman's life through different chapters in Vivre Sa Vie. That's what Hannah Judge is doing with her debut record; grabbing her own experiences by the throat and portraying a gleamingly transparent depiction of what it means to feel and to be.

It's a very pleasant listen with an easy-going pace and well-adjusted instrumentals. The synth melodies and the funky bass lines that compliments Hannah's raw lyricism adds a vibrant allure to the project. You Have Got to Be Kidding Me is an ode to adolescence, encapsulating all its beauty and fragility.

Listen to You Have Got to Be Kidding Me here:


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