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Fashion in the Afterlife

Sometimes I think, if I died right now, assuming there is some sort of afterlife, the outfit I’m wearing would be with me for eternity. Sitting here in my oversized tie dye Step Brothers t-shirt isn't much in the fashion department, so that thought is quite alarming. But it also encourages me to dress fiercely on a daily basis (other than lazy days like today). If I were to choose my eternal outfit, this would be my thought pattern.


In determining what I would want to wear as a ghost, I first must explore some questions. The first is whether ghosts feel discomfort. If yes, then wearing heels or a minidress may be out of the question, and since we cannot know for certain, I will lean towards a comfortable afterlife.

Additionally, ghosts are often described as a “cold spot” in the room, if this is the case should we assume that ghosts feel temperature or is that irrelevant due to their body-less state?

To account for both possibilities, my outfit would include a fur coat to double as a blanket, a pleated skirt and platform vans sneakers.


In the media, ghosts are often each recognizable by some physicality. Most have time-period appropriate attire to relate them back to their generation, thus my outfit would follow suit. I would choose garments that depict the period I lived in, perhaps some loungewear, funky jewelry and neon colours.

I would also want to be recognizable, assuming people can see me, so that when they talk about me it's clear they are talking about “the ghost in the lemon earrings” or “the one with the mullet”.


Every day we get judged by our appearance, and the afterlife likely isn't any different. So, I want my outfit to indicate part of my personality, a fun Casper the Friendly Ghost vibe. I don’t want to scare people right off the bat, but rather, encourage friendly first ghost impressions that make the ghost hunters look elsewhere. To do this, I will wear bright colours, statement earrings and a babydoll dress.

Final Thoughts

What happens when we die is still uncertain to most of us without a faith in some religious afterlife, but one thing I don’t want to leave up to chance is my fashion. Many television shows and movies depict ghosts as people wearing the clothes from their time period, likely the same clothes they died in. This often makes me think of my style in a completely different, eternal way.

If you knew that you were going to remain in the outfit you die in for eternity, what would you choose? Would you dress differently?


Well considering my mom died in a one piece bathing suit a few years ago in her late 30’s I’d say she wasn’t too happy about that. But I’m sure she’s a knockout wherever she is 😂

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