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Five Albums Worth Adding to Your Collection Next Bandcamp Friday

Online music sharing platform Bandcamp has announced that they will be continuing “Bandcamp Fridays” into 2021. The first Bandcamp Friday was debuted in March 2020 as a way for fans to directly support their favorite artists during the COVID-19 pandemic. On each Bandcamp Friday— which is listed on , all proceeds from merchandise and music go directly to the artist and Bandcamp does not take their usual profit.

Here are five albums that are worth adding to your collection next Bandcamp Friday, happening on February 5, 2021.

Favorite track: Full Moon in Gemini

Vagabon is the project of New-York-based artist Laetitia Tamko. Her self-titled record, Vagabon, is soulful and pristinely produced indie-pop. Simultaneously experimental and easygoing, Vagabon is a fresh addition to your record collection in 2021.

Favorite track: Nowhere to Be

Remember Sports is an indie power-pop band based in Philadelphia. Their latest record, Sunchokes, is punky, breezy, and lots of fun. Cue this album for your next socially-distanced dance party.

Favorite Track: PDA

Shadow Year is grungey rock straight out of New York City’s DIY music scene. Their 2019 record, Hush Hush Panic, takes cues from edgier post-rock without losing the dreaminess of modern indie. Shadow Year is an up-and-coming gem whose sound captures the intimacy of a crowded basement show but maintains the perfect chaos of New York City itself.

Favorite track: King

Serena Isioma is a Chicago-based musician who has recently captured much well-deserved attention with their single, Sensitive, but their 2020 album The Leo Sun Sets, is one that you won’t want to disregard. Their distinct vocals bring some serious depth into a lo-fi compilation that could be described as pop, R&B, and everything in between, making Isioma’s sound effortlessly compelling.

Favorite track: Memoria Colorida

Winter is the project of Brazillian singer/songwriter Samira Winter. Endless Space (Between You & I) is an ethereal and thematic dream-pop record that would appeal to fans of artists like Beach House or Melody’s Echo Chamber. The album’s written content is adjacent to its aesthetic projection of technicolor dreaminess with lyrics about human nature and the universe.

Remember to save the date for February 5th, 2021 to support your favorite artists on Bandcamp Friday, and seek out new music as well.

Artwork by Nghi Nguyen


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