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FWB FEST Returns for Another Year of Intimate Music and Culture

Line-Up includes: Caroline Polachek, Yves Tumor, CFCF, Mary Lattimore, DOSS + More

Taking Place August 4-6 at the Idyllwild Arts Academy, CA

FWB FEST returns for its second iteration of the most thought provoking, intimate music and culture festival. As a festival with the goal of bringing together diverse communities of creatives, artists, programmers, and builders to discuss and showcase the future of internet culture, it is truly unique in what it stands for.

The festival acts as an opportunity for the community to meaningfully engage and create new connections with their peers. Of course, an event like this needs an equally serene location and the Idyllwild Arts Academy is just that. Nestled in the San Jacinto Mountains and San Bernardino National Forest in Idyllwild, CA, the festival provides an incredibly peaceful and natural environment.

This August’s FWB FEST will include intimate musical performances by Caroline Polachek, Yves Tumor, CFCF, Mary Lattimore, Doss, Nosaj, The Dare, Jacques Greene, and many more. Again, it is the size of the festival that makes the experience unique. With a cap of 1,000 attendees, artists have the opportunity to perform what feels like a private, even esoteric set. Artists' genres vary from electronic music, to hip-hop, to hyper-pop (and more), with encouragement to make each set more experimental then a traditional show. This provides a freedom to the performer to be their truest selves. Something that is often a barricade in the high pressure music industry.

In addition, the festival will host a series of talks by industry experts including co-founder Charles Broskoski, culture writer Dean Kissick, journalist Taylor Lorenz, and JPG co-founder Maria Paula Fernández. FWB will also be joined by partner communities such as Boys Club, OpenSea, Uniswap, Rhizome,, and many others. Our partner programming is designed to foster a dynamic and creative environment where attendees can collectively explore all facets of internet culture.

The entire event is organized by Friends With Benefits, a DAO composed of “creatives and builders who believe in the promise of a better internet”. Nearly two and a half years ago, they started as a small collective from different industries, with a focus on community, to create a better internet. Likewise, FWB Fest intends to always remain small and intimate, as it allows for deeper, more meaningful connections. Everyone who shows up to the festival is a collaborator. It is an occasion to meet with fellow creatives, learn from experts in their field, or simply enjoy a weekend of music and culture.

Without a doubt, this is an opportunity to experience true community, while enjoying some outstanding music and thought provoking discussion.

Tickets for FWB FEST 23 are now available for purchase on the official website.

Check out what the experience looks and feels like here.

Learn more about FWB here.


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