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Godford Brings Rave Music An Emotional Twist / Interview

Whenever a new electronic project emerges from France, I feel like I have to keep a close eye on it. It might have to do with the fact that many legendary names have been hailing from France or the fact that I like the French approach to music quite a bit. Godford is an anonymous producer from Paris. Their new album "Non Binary Place" has a strong politic stance hence the album title. Godford believes that there are no boundaries to identity and everything can be equally interesting. His approach to life is evident in the way he produces his music too. We don't know what his face looks like, who he is or who he isn't. The only concrete thing we know about him is his craft and how he conveys feelings through music. A bit like Banksy if you will.

Godford's music makes me feel multiple emotions all at once. The concept of feeling like you're in a movie is overly used nowadays so I shy away from using that term but it really makes me feel like I'm in one. Each song makes me feel like they capture a very specific time frame in my life therefore I've created a very unique bond with Godford. It's quite funny actually: We often search the songs with the best lyrics to keep us company during our breakups, fallouts and happy states. However with the overlapping minimal lyrics and progressive beats Godford shows us that you don't need lyrics to feel those grand sentiments. Conveying these emotions in a music genre like such takes a lot of effort but when it's done right you feel so seen, so understood.

Godford's music takes you elsewhere whether it's a distant memory you have, your first time falling in love, your first heartbreak or a nostalgic romanticization. Godford shifts between contrasting feelings and create a defining sound. “I’m a non-binary music artist,” explains Godford. “Not in a gender way but in an artistic way. I’m in the middle of that bridge between innocent romantic and rave. I don’t want to choose between those two feelings.” As listeners we get to decide what Godford's music stands for instead of basing ourselves off an image filled with personal details. In a time where nothing seems certain, Godford's music makes us reminisce the feelings we once had and the reality of it all. Considering the anonymity approach, Godford's artistic output is like an aura in a way. You can definitely sense the emotions behind the music and you don't have to see the form or shape to believe in what Godford's music makes you feel.

Godford’s sound is very unique yet it sound very french at the same time. Would you say that big French electronic music names like Daft Punk, Petit Biscuit and/or Justice inspired your vision?

I’ve got a lot of infulences and it comes from Daft Punk for sure, but also from Indie-Rock-Alternative scene like Phoenix, The Killers, Moby, Underworld…

Each song of yours capture a specific nostalgic hazy feeling that we often feel but can’t articulate. Which element of your music do you think makes us all feel nostalgic for a distant memory?

I like to clash sounds and vibes that was not supposed to go well together. Using a romantic vibe with a rock-ish alternative sounds is really something I like to do when I’m producing music. It always leads to something beautiful and singular.

What was the main inspiration behind Non Binary Place?

There’s not a main inspiration but a lot of different emotions that I’ve tried to convert into music. I made all the album with my heart, with no boundaries and with a huge artistic freedom.

Pre-COVID I remember going to raves with a couple of friends and as the night continued we would all realize that we were dancing with other people as if they were our close ones too. Do you think that rave music especially has a power to unify people?

I really think music in general unites people. It’s a universal language. We don’t need to understand the lyrics and speak the language to fall in love with a song. What I also love is that music is timeless. You can like a track for your lifetime and that’s so strong.

Each song shares a similar sound but the feeling that you try to convert seems very different with each track. Some has a lavish lust feeling, some seem to be more nostalgic or sad. Which feeling or mood is the biggest driving point for you?

When I’m composing music I’m led by the present moment, the energy and the emotion I’m currently feeling. I did most part of the album in the French countryside, surrounded by nature. It feels so good, so powerful and peaceful at the same time. I’ve tried to isolate myself the most to experiment my deepest emotions.

It’s so easy to associate a face with music which isn’t necessarily bad but for my personal listening experience at least, you being an anonymous artist makes me feel way more engaged while I’m listening to your music. Was it your goal to achieve that?

I’m hiding my face because I think my body isn’t reflecting who I really am. It’s easier for me to let people listening to the music without any visual that could disturb their music experience. It also gives a free pass to imagination which is really enjoyable when you’re listening to an album.

Do you think that producing music is a meditative experience in a way? You have said that when you started to work on this album you were trying to manage your emotions and deal with them. Did it help?

Yes it’s totally true. It felt so good and pure to make this album. I let my deepest « me » express. I didn’t have any boundaries or any pressure or obligations. I did this album the way I wanted and it was a kind of a therapy.

Do you have anything you want to say to Tonitruale readers?

I hope that my songs could be a time marker of someone's life: a romantic encounter, the memory of an era ,a memorable moment ...

Cover Art: Ana Felix


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