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HOMESHAKE Gears Up For New Record 'Horsie'

HOMESHAKE - the long-running solo project of Toronto-based musician Peter Sagar - does not know when to slow down and does not want to at all, creating album after album in his house. Just this March he released his relaxing yet rythmic upbeat record CD Wallet and is gearing up for another release with Horsie. I spoke with Sagar about his new record and creative process, getting a better understanding of the person behind the intricate and eclectic music.

HOMESHAKE, photo by Matthew Yoscary.

"Making music in my little studio is my fav thing in the world, and I also don’t know how to do anything else," he said, evident by his multiple-year releases, long instrumental compilation albums, and collaborations with some of the greatest names in the industry like Eyedress and Joey Bada$$. Creating right in his home so he can have full control over the situation adds to the feel of his music, with Sagar realizing he does not think he "wants to introduce any professionalism into it...I think I'm starting to regress that way."

HOMESHAKE's music can make anybody feel like they are floating off the ground with its classic bedroom pop sound and aesthetic. Sagar doesn't want to categorize his music though because he "makes music the way that comes naturally to [him] and feels like honest pieces of [himself]," which is respectable, especially in an industry that gets so worked up about genres when we could all exist and not care that much.

I love the mellowness of his music, and it helps me feel better, especially when I am feeling sad, which I always thought was a bit of an oxymoron until he also spoke about the music he listens to during rough patches. Listening to Ryuichi Sakamoto solo piano music helps him through those emotions and a Prefab Sprout track that "makes him cry instantly no matter what." David Berman is another artist who has helped him through darkness.

Horsie, releasing June 28, explores Sagar’s complicated feelings about returning to live performance. The singles "Simple" and "Nothing 2 See" are mellow and relaxing, a different vibe than CD Wallet though Horsie was made before. Sagar commented that it was a natural progression and not on purpose, bringing some noise to other tracks on the record.

HOMESHAKE, photo by Matthew Yoscary.

From one click of his site, you are immediately brought into the Horsie world, with a special horse icon as a mouse, and different graphics that see Sagar in various scenarios. "It was done by someone at Warp who did a really great job (thank you!!!) I am not a visual person and tend to keep the marketing especially at arm's length. I just try to work with people who I trust enough to allow them to take control and do their thing.  The album cover was designed by my partner Salina Ladha, and the video promotional posters were done by DA Jasper." Great job everyone!

He enjoys the moments of life away from music, commenting that lately he has "been playing baseball at the park with my friends and that’s been pretty fun. Since winter ended Salina and I have been taking the cat on walks again which is nice cause she loves to explore but doesn’t have the instincts required to be an outside cat."

HOMESHAKE will bring Horsie to life on the stage this Fall, with a mix of new music and old. "We’re stopping in a few cities we’ve never played, I’m looking forward to that," Sagar added. Tickets are on sale now.

When asked if there was anything I may have missed that needs to be gone over or anything to add, artists generally say "nothing" or say some promotional thing but he swiftly said "Free Palestine" - a testament to his good nature and awareness that more artists should pick up on.

HOMESHAKE's new record Horsie drops on June 28. His new single "Empty Lot" is out now. Make sure to keep up with him on socials under @pitersugar.

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