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Houseplant Chic

As someone who became a plant mom over the course of the pandemic, seeing the variety of available houseplants got me thinking about what they would look like as real people. Much like with dogs, the vibe certain plants give off usually mirrors that of their owners. If you’re looking for new plants and are curious what I think certain plants would wear based on their aesthetic and temperaments, keep reading.

Burgundy Rubber Tree

Nicknamed the ‘Black Prince’, this plant gives off major dark academia vibes. Made to curl up with a book in a dark room, this plant would thrive in neutral colours and turtlenecks.

Details: turtleneck, vest, pants

Turtle Vine

The turtle vine loves the sun, visibly reaching towards it any chance she gets. For this reason, she would likely live in a hot climate, living in shorts and a t-shirt. Forget the hat and sunnies, this houseplant wants to sunbathe without interference.

Details: top, shorts, sandals


The Pilea is the mom friend of the group, always prepared and dressed appropriately for any situation. Often grown to give away to friends, this plant is generous and a realist- they’d dress for comfort over extravagance any day.

Details: top, jeans

Desert Gems Cacti

Desert gems cacti are the power rangers of the plant community, natural cacti artificially coloured to be bright, vibrant and colourful to add excitement to any room. This plant is flashy and extra, wearing faux fur coats and all the colours of the rainbow to stand out.

Details: jacket, top, jeans, boots

Venus Fly Trap

On the other end of the spectrum, Venus Fly Traps give off a more grunge vibe. They may be cute, but these carnivorous plants pack a punch. I imagine them in chokers, neutral colours with a pop of red lipstick and extra long lashes.

Final Thoughts

Houseplants each have specific temperaments and vibes that add to their overall aesthetic. If you’re looking for something to brighten up a room, grab a Desert Gems Cactus, or if you want a dark academia-esque plant for your bookshelf, I’d recommend a Burgundy Rubber Tree. Whether you choose a plant based on their aesthetic, or they choose you, each one is sure to have its own personality.


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