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How To Discover New Music (Not Via Spotify and Apple Music)

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

As someone who gets tired of consuming the same music, I will give some website recommendations for you to discover great music! In the previous article, I wrote about internet radios that we could listen to, except for Spotify and Apple Music. I value discovering new music and I know that there are a lot of like-minded people out there who wants to expand their music radar. If you are ready, let's start with 'Indie Shuffle' which is one of my favorites.

1) Indie Shuffle

Indie Shuffle, with her 9 editors and nearly 40 contributors,it is a San Francisco-based music blog that covers indie rock, hip hop, alternative, punk, folk, and much more. How would you approach authors who grew up in different cultures interpreting the songs of the musicians you have never heard of? I think you would find it interesting because you are reading Tonitruale, which also gathers people living in many different cultures around the world together. I think different cultures bring you a fresh and a more vivid take on life, so I invite you to discover Indie Shuffle!

2) TasteDive

Our subject is music but there is another website that I want to share with you! TasteDive is a website that lets you find new music, movies, TV shows, and book recommendations based on what your favorites are. It offers the closest estimates to your interests and shows you new things! Write your favorite group, favorite movie or favorite game to the search bar and reach the peaks of exploring with the results to come! I am very assertive but I think tastedive will justify me.

3) MagicPlaylist

Where exactly are playlists in our lives? Is it an obstacle to discover new music, or is it the most accurate discovery method? While these questions keep our heads busy, let me make myself happy by introducing you to a great website. MagicPlaylist, as the name suggests, creates a magical playlist just for you as if Harry Potter was your personal DJ. MagicPlaylist, It creates a playlist according to the mood or song you want. This website uses an algorithm and the Spotify API to determine which songs to pick. Reaching new sounds has never been this easy!

4) WhatSong

Are there any Soundtrack geeks here? If there are, there is a website that I need to introduce to you. If you hear a song while watching your latest TV obsession, you can search the episode and find the specific moment where the song was played. Not only does WhatSong provide the official soundtrack from the latest movies shows, they also provide the complete list of songs with scene descriptions. Bon Appetit!

5) Soundsslike

Do you want to discover the unique sounds of cities beyond just music? If so Soundsslike is absolutely your new favorite website, which was formed in the consultancy of Pinar Cevikayak Yelmi, who initially recorded the voices of Istanbul. Soundsslike project is initiated in order to expand this sound collection. In this project, an interactive platform was developed in which anyone can record and upload sounds. The main aim of the project is to raise public awareness of urban and cultural sounds and to protect these sounds as a collective work.


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