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How to Dress for St. Patrick’s Day Like a Pro

St Patrick's Day, AKA an excuse to get drunk, dress up and wear green, is fastly approaching. There's no better time than now to wear, what I think, is an underworn colour: green! Here are a variety of looks inspired by this occasion…

Day to night

Details: Blazer, top, pants, shoes.

This look pairs a chic blazer with vibrant colour clashes to create an electric, but subtle St. Patty’s Day outfit. Be prepared to stand out in this look, whether you’re in the office, at dinner or a bar, all eyes will be on you. Feel your Leprechaun business woman fantasy during the day, and remove the blazer at night for more appropriate ‘night out’ dress.

Leprec-lub hits

Details: top, pants.

This outfit was made for the club. The mix of textures adds to the fun vibe, from faux leather to rhinestones, this outfit was made to stand out among the crowd. If you want to play up the St. Patrick's Day vibe, add four leaf clover nipple covers and green eyeshadow with a pop of rhinestones.

Chic neutrals

Details: top, skirt, belt.

This look is simple, yet effective. With matching satin pieces combined with a heart chain belt, this outfit is easily achievable and is likely the most subtle of the bunch. Add a faux fur coat, chunky boots and a nude lip to take this look to the next level.

Lucky clover

Details: top, pants.

The luck of the Irish are with this outfit, featuring muted greens for chill vibes and groovy flowers for a pop of fun. This look was made for nights in, or casual nights out while understanding the St. Patty’s assignment: wear green.

Schoolgirl Leprechaun

Details: top, vest, skirt, tights.

This outfit is Heathers meets St. Patrick’s Day, offering a more lowkey, but still on theme look. With mixed and matched patterns, this look is fun, but sticks to green as its main focal colour. For heightened Leprechaun realness, add a chunky green shoe and St. Patrick’s Day hat.

Final thoughts

St. Patrick’s day is one of the most exciting days of the year, purely because of its colour associations. Unlike most people, I love green, so the opportunity to style it to the max leaves me excited every year. Whether or not you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, try to embellish your outfit with a pop of green on Thursday, March 17 2022.


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