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Humble Pleasures S/S 2021

(Digital Collage by Gabriela Villanueva)

Humble Pleasures, a clothing brand based in St. Louis, is an activewear company who focuses on minimalism and intention. Their S/S 2021 collection inspired by activity and community brings these ideas to fruition with a simple, small line of clothing options. When your days are spent running around with your mates and your boards, the last thing you want to worry about is your clothes getting in the way of your sport or your identity. These designs allow for freedom of movement and versatility as well as comfort and durability with a sense of style.

Humble Pleasures also teamed up with Brooklyn-based artist Unimuke Aganda for their vibrations t-shirt. 100% cotton and locally screen printed in St. Louis, Agenda’s designs seem to be inspired by Matisse’s collages during the 50’s with an interesting airy and minimal twist. This made for the perfect collaboration with both the artist and the brand’s focus on simplicity and modernity, and was such a success the vibrations t-shirt is already sold out! The items left for sale from this collection are two iconic elements of this decade’s wardrobe staples: the short short and the skate t. Short shorts are one of my favorite trends of the past decade, because why would people hinder themselves over the summer with such long, baggy shorts when you can feel the breeze on your thighs and show off those legs??? This simple “pilot short” is available in either a gorgeous dusty purple or a spicy fire engine red with a simple, circular version of their logo in the corner above the right knee. Made from 100% cotton with an elastic drawstring waist they’re sure to be breathable AND functional. The “pilot tee” is also 100% cotton and is available in powder blue and ash gray. It features a small logo on the front right breast and a plain back which makes it an incredibly versatile piece. Also be sure to check out the other items in their store still available from previous collections. My personal favorite item in the shop right now is their brown corduroy tote. It was a collaboration between Humble Pleasures and Baby Cakes and features custom embroidery of legs, and an old Nokia cell phone with a salvaged back denim pocket and embroidered person chatting on a phone on the reverse side.


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