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If Only They Were Real - My Favorite Fictional Bands

I would like to believe that I'm not the only one who has heard a song from a movie or series, only to realize that the artist is made up, so the possibility of hearing that song live is practically non-existent. Yet, a poignant truth lingers: many a time, the crooning voices behind these harmonies are but figments of imagination, their echoes haunting us with the impossibility of experiencing them live. The number of movies and series with fictional bands or artist are higher than you'd expect. In this article, I will share my favorite bands that I desperately wish were real.

Daisy Jones & The Six

These days, there is one band that dominates every conversation, much like their meteoric rise to fame depicted in the book sharing the same name as the band. Their journey from obscurity to the spotlight has imbued them with a vivacity that captivates all those who hear them play. It's no other than Daisy Jones & The Six, one of my favorite fictional bands of all time. When I was reading the book I felt every word deep in my sould as if the band actually existed. I couldn't wait to hear their album Aurora. Daisy Jones and the Six takes inspiration from the seventies rock and roll, and there's a reminiscence of Fleetwood Mac, but don't be tricked into thinking they are the same. With songs like “Regret Me”, “More Fun to Miss” or “The River” we can feel the passion that the book transmits to the reader. Riley Keough and Sam Claflin were less in tune with their musical side of the cast, but their voice shines together in this record, as well as their chemistry in the show.

Willamette Stone

I will admit, watching “If I Stay at the age of ten and hearing the original soundtrack altered my brain chemistry for good. Willamette Stone mix indie rock with electric riffs of guitar and the beat of the drums makes you move your head along with each and every song. The voice of Jamie Blackley has the perfect tone for this type of music that draws inspiration from a lot of indie tropes. In the movie, we see how this underground band ascends to fame and you can't help but think that they would have the same career path if they were a real band.

Lemonade Mouth

Iconic. That's the only way to describe this original Disney movie. Along the story, we see how the band formed and had their ups and downs during their first gigs, at the end of the film we can see that they are playing in a stadium, so we figure they will rise to fame in the future. This could easily happen in our present, with anthems like “She´s so Gone” and “Determinate” a concert of Lemonade Mouth would be a place where you could scream your heart out and dance along with your friends.

We are Lady Parts

From the original British television sitcom created, written, and directed by Nida Manzoor. We have this incredible punk rock band that consists entirely of Muslim women. We can hear an influence of the riot grrrls in a particular scene where the bands play or improvise songs that talk about their daily problems. I do not doubt that if they were to release music today, they would go viral with their relatable lyrics and contagious rhythm, giving young girls an outlet for all of the emotions that come with being a teenage girl.


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