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BAND-AID: If You're Looking for a New Girl Band to Obsess Over, Look No Further than Neptune's Core

If you like Olivia Rodrigo but would like to find an artist in a similar vein whose music goes "harder", Neptune's Core might be a band that you'd like to keep under your belt.

Neptune's Core is an indie rock band from Chicago comprised of two sets of sisters. They have released two self-recorded singles in 2019 and released a full-length album titled Can’t Have it All in August 2020 that was widely praised by critics and received airplay on influential radio stations WKQX 101.1 and WCXP CHIRP Radio 107.1 in Chicago. They will slowly but surely make their way into your themed Spotify playlists.

Their sound embodies the chaos of the dreary place between being a teenager and an adult. The loud instruments and wistful vocals lays the base of each song. They know what they want to do and the sound that they are going for. Their latest album "Evolving" is a solid example of that. The album's natural inclination to mix fuzzy instruments with breezy vocals ties the album together in a very cohesive way.

The shoe gaze influence blended with the alternative references mirror their lyrics perfectly. "No one can tell me no, nothing at the end of this road. Would they be happy if I was gone? Or maybe I just need someone." I dare you, name one teenager who hasn't experienced this specific nihilistic existential crisis about their future and where they stand with people.

If you'd like to immerse yourself in the music of a band who makes you feel seen and hold your hand through your adolescent years, Neptune's Core would be a great place to start.

Listen to Neptune's Core new album Evolving here:


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