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James Ivy's Latest Single "Last Star" is the One Thing You Should Be Listening to This Week

After releasing his first track of this year Korean-American producer, singer, and songwriter, James Ivy is back with his second track of 2021 "Last Star", which was previewed during his live streamed performance from Brooklyn's Sultan Room for Porter Robinson's Secret Sky Virtual Festival back in April. "Last Star" shows pure joy and a euphoric vibe with upbeat vocal riffs, jangly guitars and a ode to 00's pop. There is repetition, angst, great acoustics and a heavy nostalgic cloud of emotions that covers the whole song like a blanket.

The song starts off with a clear 2000s inspiration. It's a common reference between indie artists lately. Take "You & Me Together Song" by The 1975 for an example. The nostalgic aspect is loud and all up in your ears. James Ivy is following a similar path for his latest single Last Star. Its reference points are clear yet James makes it unique with the production techniques that we know he uses best: He uses his muffled and angsty voice as an instrument almost: His voice feels like waves in your ears. The "doo-oo-d-doo" rhythms paired with an acoustic guitar gives the song a very raw and honest aspect. Like a confession, almost.

Vulnerability isn't a concept that James Ivy isn't familiar with. In his previous work, what stood out for me the most was how loud he was, both literally and metaphorically. It's almost like reading someone's personal journal. You're not sure if you're supposed to be doing it but its too late to close the journal now, you're fully immersed in this person's world. Last Star, is an extension of that world he showed us in his previous releases.

According to James “Last Star” is a song that’s kind of placed in this uncanny valley. The instrumental of the song is sugar-y, bright, and upbeat, while the lyrics completely contrast the mood of the instrumental as they’re paranoid, doubtful, and anxious. I really love listening to music that does this. Songs that feel happy, with subject matter that doesn’t necessarily match, always hit hard for me.”

"Last Star" is a powerful 00's pop inspired track that will get you dancing, but also make you think with James' heart-to-heart lyrics that almost everyone can relate too. The track is creative in every way possible. It's different from what we have heard from him previously yet it has that "James Ivy touch" that we love. From the production, to the lyricism James is a star in the making. "Last Star" is a song you'll be listening to on repeat.

Listen to it now:


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