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Keepintouch with What's Important: Love You Later's New Single Reminds Us to Check In and Chin Up

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Lexi Aviles, known professionally as Love You Later’s new single, “Keepintouch”, is a must add to your most recent listening. Originally from SoCal, the Nashville based alt-pop sensation is quickly establishing herself as the head of a genre boom, and with fellow Nashville songwriters Bre Kennedy and Kyle Dreaden, has once again shown us why.

“Keepintouch” delves into Aviles' struggles with being alone, and the journey to finding peace and company in herself. The song discusses relying on other people to feel at peace, and the need for one to be able to put themselves together, and grow into a healthy individual. “I felt more connected to myself when I had other people around me, but I knew that I really needed to learn to be alone again in order to truly feel connected with myself.” she said.

The song came about at a very transitional period for the 23 year-old, still figuring out who’s going to stick around, friends moving away or finding partners and losing touch, but always having yourself there to open up the next chapter, even when life gets too fast to keep up. Aviles' ability to illustrate the more difficult chapters of life in your 20’s is what makes the song’s tagline burn so bright, “I’m losing touch with everyone else/ trying to keep in touch with myself.”

This new single is catchy, bouncy, and true to style. It’s the right mix of Tennessee blues and Cali pop, expertly bringing out the best of both to put you right into the driver's seat of the song's narrative. Aviles' charismatic voice, eclectic style, and infectious lyrics itch that nostalgic itch in the back of your head, and find solace in knowing that even true talent has trouble finding themselves sometimes.

Ahead of her song’s March 18th release, we had a chance to catch up with Aviles and get a closer look at the artist and the creation of “Keepintouch”.

1. "Keepintouch" is about being uncomfortable alone and finding company in oneself. How did your "Keepintouch" epiphany change your approach to life and music?

The day I wrote "Keepintouch" was pretty much the turning point where I realized I needed to be happy alone in order to feel content and be able to extend myself to the people I love the most. Lately, I’ve been able to write about more vulnerable, transparent parts of myself since I’m no longer haunted by being with just me, myself, and I. It was a hard pill to swallow but the process of learning more about myself has been really special, and of course, this song wouldn’t exist without it.

2. We talk a lot now about originality in music and the importance of genuineness in the industry - to you, why is it so important to stay true to your own message, and how can we all get a little bit closer to our roots?

Yeah, especially in this industry it can be really easy to lose yourself if you’re complying with everyone’s wishes and opinions. People can be so brutal because they wish you were different or more like them, so I just think it’s really important to not let that get to your head and keep doing your thing. The right people will come knocking on your door when they see you’re doing something original and true to yourself because it’s contagious.

3. You're based out of Nashville, which isn't known for its alt-pop scene just yet- what does it mean to you to be on the forefront of a genre boom, especially here in the South?

I love being a part of the growing alt-pop scene in Nashville. Sure, there’s really only a handful of us, but I want to be a trailblazer and inspire other artists to make Nashville their safe space. Still, no matter what genre of music you fall under, every artist and songwriter here is so supportive and I can’t compare the community to anywhere else I’ve ever been.

4. You've now spent time in some seriously musically diverse areas, the Southeast and the West Coast, both of which are associated with near opposite styles of music. Having seen both sides, where do you think you draw the most influence from, and how do you take inspiration from other styles and make them your own? Also, which is your favorite?

I draw influence from both places - although I’m living in Nashville now, I grew up in Southern California and that will always be a part of me. I also go back to visit CA often and I’ll write music when I’m out there. I really can’t pick favorites because I love both places for different reasons - they both feel like home in their unique ways. Simply put, I guess I’m more inspired by the atmosphere in California but more inspired by the community in Nashville. My roots are in California but most of my heart is in Nashville.

5. And on the subject of genre, did you always expect to be an alt-pop star? Are there other genres you're trying out, or would like to try out?

I knew I wanted to be an artist ever since I saw Hillary Duff on her Metamorphosis tour in 2004 so yeah, I’ve always been inspired by female alt-pop. Other genres such as bedroom pop and rock interest me but I think I’ll always be most connected to alternative pop. However, I’m never trying to stay in the lanes, so I do tend to mix in some other genres which I’m totally okay with.

6. Now the fun ones- what's your favorite album right now, and where can we find you next?

Right now, my favorite album has to be Details by Frou Frou. It has so many experimental, unique elements that are timeless and inspiring and Imogen is a brilliant songwriter and artist. Up next, I’m releasing the official "Keepintouch" music video on March 23rd + more music and live shows this year, so stay tuned!

Stream “Keepintouch” Here!

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