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BAND-AID: Liam Davis Showcases His Many Talents on His Latest Single "Make Me Cry"

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

In a sea of emerging artists, a musician has a lot of responsibilities to prove that they are ahead of the curve and they have something unique to offer, something new. Luckily, Liam knows the competition he is up against. With his vocal range and unexpected twists and turns that lead his songs, he proves that he is an artist worthy of your time and attention.

Liam began playing drums at the age of five, and music immediately became his passion and primary focus. It would continue to be throughout his childhood and into early adulthood as he studied Music Industry at The College of Saint Rose.

Liam Davis' 2020 single "In My Dreams" perfectly embodies the story-driven lyricism of country songs that we adore to this day. It's bittersweet and well-written, well-produced and embellished with some great vocals that he delivers with such ease. Make Me Cry, on the other end, all the while having the same references with his previous single, showcases how further he can go as an artist.

The production choice takes you by surprise within the first minute. The calm turns into a sweet chaos with the help of different instrument choices and various musical references. We witness a turmoil of emotions which are represented with a loud banging and thumping through different guitar numbers. There are some obvious Rock'n'Roll influences but they never overshadow Liam's uniqueness. The vulnerability of the song is kept intact with the sweet violins in the background. It's gentle yet edgy at the same time, just how we like it.

It seems like he has found his true form with this single while still paying hommage to his roots and the music that shaped him as an artist. It's a delightful listen and I can't help but recommend this to Harry Styles fans, especially the ones who can't seem to get enough of "Sign of the Times"

You can watch the music video here:


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