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Lissy Taylor Astounds with The Powerful Track "She's a Stunner"

Following overwhelmingly positive feedback from her previous track Young, the Stoke-On-Trent native, is back with the ultimate empowering anthem, a composition that breaks the old-fashioned stereotypes surrounding female characters, so damsels in distress step aside! Because she's a stunner and ready to deliver some earth-shattering notes!

Those who have followed Lissy's career closely will remember her unique journey as an artist, being strongly influenced by the music scenes of both America and the UK due to having lived in both places throughout her life, this eclectic approach is present in her new gem called She's a Stunner.

She's a Stunner marks the release of Lissy Taylor's second single of this year (the second of four tracks expected to be delivered in 2022) in this new offering, we can see a different facet for this skilled composer.Although She's a Stunner has those free-spirited summer vibes just like its predecessor Young, it certainly follows a different structure both attitude-wise and instrumentally, this new banger starts immediately with a frenetic guitar strumming, and energized drum beats, followed by a contagious chord progression, Lissy's outstanding vocals are the perfect narration for the strong character in this story.

And talking about the story, the lyrics illustrate Lissy's desire for capturing the essence of what a strong empowered woman can be, and debunking old, outdated cliches in the process.

She's a Stunner is the definitive empowering independent track for the summer, combining engaging lyrics, hard-hitting musicianship, and captivating performance.

While Young showcased a more emotional side in Lissy's musical arsenal, She's a Stunner takes no prisoners, exhibiting a more upfront side of this artist, Lissy has proved that a strong woman can be intelligent, beautiful, and independent, and in a society that needs to address more topics like this, Lissy Taylor's meaningful storytelling comes at the perfect moment.

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words by: Javier Rodriguez


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