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Looking Forward to Naked Giants' New Album 'The Shadow'

Raucous Seattle garage rock trio Naked Giants are set to release their sophomore album, 'The Shadow,' on August 21st. This follows the tremendous success the band has seen since their 2018 debut full-length ‘SLUFF.’ A staple of the Seattle music community since their formal inception in 2014, Naked Giants have made a name for themselves with their blistering riffs and brilliant use of distortion, touring with Will Toledo as the opener and often backing band for Car Seat Headrest throughout the past couple years.

Comprised of Grant Mullen (guitar/vocals), Gianni Aiello (bass/vocals) and Henry LaVallee (drums), Naked Giants embody the very best of garage rock—an unbridled and boisterous performance of passion. 'SLUFF' (2018) was a tour de force of noise and energy, described by bassist Gianni Aiello as “a smorgasbord of shit...loud rock music, thats what it is.” Yet, it only takes one listen of their song Slow Dance II, with its rowdy complexity and intricate soloing, to see that there is so much more to the group.

The following year, the band released the Green Fuzz EP, soaked in their signature maverick thrashing and chaotic tone. The 9-minute title track had been a long time live favorite for fans, gracing setlists for years before the official recording was released.

Taking up the mantle as a raw power in the thunderous Seattle sound, the band attempts to reach a little deeper this time around, aiming to bring a new depth of consciousness and self-reflection to their energetic expression. “Whether it’s personal anxiety and depression or collective guilt and trauma, there’s always a part of yourself that’s hard to confront and understand...The Shadow is all about facing that darkness and having the strength to bring it into the light,” they explained in an interview with Spin shortly after the announcement of the album. With the announcement, they shared the first single, "Take a Chance," alongside a playful quarantine-themed homemade music video that demonstrates the duality between their serious and silly sides, as they smile and dance around their homes to ruminating lyrics such as "And I, I've never been part of a problem / That I did not ignore or start."

The Shadow is set to drop on August 21st, and will be played in its entirety the night before, streaming live at 8pm PST via the Nectar Lounge Instagram (@nectarlounge). Check back here the following week for an in-depth review of this exciting new album from Naked Giants!


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