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Madison Fiorenza's Tell No Lies is a Dream Pop Miracle

Are you a fan of Snow Aalegra and SZA? Here is a perfect emerging alternative for you.

Madison Fiorenza's music will captivate you upon hearing it for the very first time. Her vocals, luscious bass numbers and hazy production helps her music to come together and create a body of work which is completely unique to her. She wears her influences on her sleeve yet never goes for a dull or an "has-been" style. She crafts her music by highlighting her skills which distinguishes her from the sea of hundreds and thousands of new emerging artists. In her case, her strong suit is her vocals that she can use almost like an instrument. Soul inspired dream pop might sound uninteresting at first considering how many artists have used the same reference yet Madison adds a dreamy layer of sound on top of these reference points with her vocals. She creates a new dimension of sound in which you feel hypnotized and compelled to hear what she has to say.

Her latest single Tell No Lies opens up with loopy vocals and heavy bass numbers. Thematically, "Going round in circles, can't find my way back." seems to fit well with the sonic direction of the song as the production makes it seem like you're in a dreamy state of confusion. It is the ultimate late night drive song due to the ravishing atmosphere that the song manages to create.

For an emerging artist who is just in the beginning of her musical path, the mixing and the production seems to be quite neat and well-paced. I can't wait to hear her upcoming singles where she experiments with more instruments and production techniques. If you're a music nerd who loves to know all about big names before their mainstream success, reserve your seat right now and go follow Madison because she is going places and you will be able to say "I've heard it first." pretty soon. Mark my words.

Stream her music:


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