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Maisie Peters' Perfect Post-Breakup Anthem

With her new single ‘Lost the Breakup’, Maisie Peters gifted us all with the perfect triumphant post-breakup anthem. Following the vulnerable single ‘Better Body’, in which Peters grapples with insecurity regarding a failed relationship and comparing herself to her ex’s new partner, Lost the Breakup takes a completely different approach. As she put it, ‘Body Better’ was her at her lowest, ‘Lost the Breakup’ is her “clawing [herself] back up and out”.

In an upbeat pop ballad, Peters sings that while she’s “feeling and dealing with the heart that [he] broke,” her ex is the one who will have to face that he lost “the best thing that almost happened to [him]” – ultimately losing the breakup. The self-proclaimed manifestation song perfectly encapsulates the stage of a breakup at which you refuse to wallow and let your confidence get dragged down. It’s an uplifting song for a time in which you need it most.

The two singles, showcasing such different sides to Peters’ writing that both resonate so deeply with listeners, leave cause to be excited for her second full-length album, The Good Witch, out June 16th!

Watch the music video for 'Lost the Breakup' here!


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