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Matilda Djerf aka The Influencer We Love

During these days when Y2K is making a comeback and post-apocalyptic fashion is rising, Swedish designer and influencer Matilda Djerf keeps playing simple, showing you the importance of a capsule wardrobe. Of course, we all appreciate the maximalist creativity that has been going on for a while but at the same time, seeing Matilda feels like a break from all the hype that has been floating around in the fashion world.

Her brand, Djerf Avenue is definitely not something completely new. But it reintroduces the basics to us. Iconic mini black dresses, comfy sweatpants, and all of the must-haves in your wardrobe are parts of Djerf Avenue. Her seemingly endless combinations with her pieces keeps reminding us that sometimes, maybe, less is more.

What we also appreciate about her brand is the inclusivity and ethical production. If you go to the brand’s website, you can see that many models have different body shapes and skin colors, and in a way, it makes you feel comfortable and safe. You don’t have to guess how the outfits would look on you if you are not a size 0. Matilda models for most of the pieces too, and their branding creates a friends & family environment, which is very important if you want to have loyal customers. “You will never find retouched models on our website or social media. Our photos come straight from the camera roll, we don’t believe in editing bodies, pimples, or clothing. This is us. Just the way we are. And we are proud.” is what’s written on their website under the “About Us” section and I think they explain what they believe in perfectly. You can also find their stance on sustainability and ethical production under the same section. However, I must warn you that once you visit their site, it’s hard to not be influenced by their vibes.

What makes Matilda stand out from other influencers though? Is it her perfect hair and pin to your board on pinterest type of bangs? Maybe. Or is it her adorable dog? High possibility. But I believe it’s mainly her openness and simplicity that keeps people coming back to her profile. At least, that was what clicked for me. Her posts do not shock me or make me do a double take but it makes me stop for a few seconds and appreciate the calmness and positive energy. She is a girlboss and “that girl” even, but not in the way of being unrealistic, it’s actually the opposite. She is relatable, making you feel accepted in your own way. Doesn’t make you feel like you have to wake up at 6am for a workout and green juice, it’s more of a do what you love and what makes you feel great type of feeling.

If you need inspiration for your wardrobe, especially when it comes to creating simple but elevated looks, we suggest you take a look at Matilda Djerf. The positivity and the cutest dog pictures come as a bonus.

photo credits: @matildadjerf and djerfavenue


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