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Milan Fashion Week

As a 21 year old living in Milan, the past week has been amazing for me and for all the Milanese fashion lovers. After New York and London, it was finally the time for Milan fashion week. Sadly, I am still not qualified to watch the shows in person but I was able to see the hype around Milan. The previous spring/summer shows were even better due to Max Mara having a fashion show at my school. And to be honest I had way more energy to follow the schedule and at least see the models and guests arrive.

This year I went to Fondazione Prada to join the energy around the place. It’s always swarmed with people during Prada’s show. And even though people cannot go in, everybody’s super well-dressed to fit in with the whole Milan vibe.

However, this time Milan Fashion Week was even more powerful with Bottega Veneta’s and Gucci’s comebacks. There were the usual MFW shows too, such as Fendi, Armani, Prada, Versace and Max Mara. Now that the Coronavirus is almost over or at least considered to be less effective, more people are able to travel and join the shows, which makes fashion weeks much more exciting. Rihanna and Asap Rocky’s appearance at the Gucci show, Kim Kardashian being everywhere, Euphoria cast walking around for every show and Hadid sisters walking for almost everything were just a few examples of exciting sightings of the MFW Autumn/Winter 2022.

Coming back to the shows, I would like to give you few looks that excited me the most:

Starting off with the comeback of Bottega Veneta since it has welcomed a big change this year due to Daniel Lee’s sudden leave. Matthieu Blazy took over the creative director role and tried to keep the hype around Bottega Veneta this season. Even though Bottega is known for its iconic bags and shoes, it’s always important to keep the attention on the full look. Blazy kept the strong coat and leather silhouette going but also kept it simple and elegant with most of the looks, with a twist of the recently famous Bottega fringe. Here are some example looks from this season:

Following up with the print queen Etro, who did not disappoint this year. We can get a glimpse of the designer Veronica Etro’s head with her own words, “I imagined aliens coming across our archive in 200 years and looking at them with micro-lenses that are sort of zooming in and blowing everything up. So it’s like zoomed heritage!” (Vogue). With the hippie influenced Italian looks, Etro always brings a different vibe to the podium. And even if you’re not going for the full look, there are definitely some pieces that can be used for statement outfits.

Next up is a catwalk debut from Ambush. Some small similarities to Bottega Veneta can be felt but Yoon Ahn did a great job with protecting the brand’s uniqueness with slightly sexier and fierce touches. Thigh-high platform boots were definitely the showstoppers of the season. The runway was also a show itself due to robots, moon ambiance and the music.

The final brand I want to mention here is GCDS. Compared to the ones before, GCDS is not keeping it simple for sure! Chiffons and embroidery, chains and puffers were all part of this runway. From simple black dresses to alien-like looks, GCDS managed to put us all in a shock.

Even though each show brings something new to the table, sometimes you cannot help but have some favorites. I wanted to share a couple of mine with you, hope you like them too!

Photo credits: Vogue


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