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Emilia Angotti-Jones is an eighteen-year-old visual & fiber artist, fashion designer, filmmaker, model, and writer from Capo Beach, California. She was taught the basics of hand-sewing by her Nonna when she was just a lil tike :), however, Angotti hadn’t been on her fashion-design grind until fairly recently when she took a college course on sewing in the summer of 2019. Since then, she has been designing/creating her own clothing, specifically matching two-piece sets, (which is a tragically underrated style, Cher Horowitz taught us better) along with her lovely hand-made stuffed animals both pictured below.

So why make your own clothes? Here’s what Miss Angotti had 2 say:

“It’s more sustainable. We’re getting to a point where things are bad [in regards to the environment]. One thing that you can do about it is thrift and make your own clothing [using recycled fabrics]. There’s no reason to buy from a department store. You can literally make anything, and it’s more fun! You get to be expressive in a way that you never thought you could, especially if you have never really thought about your fashion”. 

And an AMEN to that. Emilia goes on to explain how she likes to use thrifted (AKA recycled, AKA eco-friendly) fabrics and natural dyes to make her clothing due to her love for nature. She has ultimate control over what she wears and exactly how her clothes are produced.

 “I base a lot of my outfits on flowers, different types of leaves, and different kinds of emotions-whatever I’m feeling that day. Sometimes I’ll wake up and think, ‘I wanna be a milk-maid’ or ‘I wanna look like a goat today’”.

 When one create their own clothes, they no longer have to search for another designer’s imitation of they want, they design exactly what they wish to see. As Jimmy James once said “fashion is the art, designers are the gods”. So what are you waiting for? Go get creative. All it takes is a sewing machine, some fabrics, and a lil research on sewing patterns. When Emilia walks down the street and the papz scream, “Who are you wearing?”, she can say, “Me, b****”. Can you say the same?

Where can I get these yummy clothes, one might ask? Well, Emilia is starting a depop @mimismushroom where she will soon be selling her lovely creations! 

Instagram: @mimiswor1d 

Deop: @mimismushroom

Mimi’s website:



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